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Bobo Has The Vapors Again


Shorter Bobo: I put the blame for the fact that nice guys like Paul Ryan won’t agree to any budget deals that don’t involve high upper-class tax cuts squarely where it belongs: on Joe Biden, for unkindly and dramatically telling the truth about Republican priorities.

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  • Shorter Bobo: Joe Biden’s political style is like that of the politicians who were able to produce big, important agreements in previous decades, while Paul Ryan’s is more like that of today’s politicians. Therefore, Joe Biden’s political style is keeping us from producing big, important agreements.

    • Scott Lemieux


      • Now, I can think of a few politicians whose “hot” political style is related to today’s extraordinary gridlock.

        But they aren’t old, and their style is very, very modern.

    • Let me get this straight… We’re moving out of the era of older “hot blooded” politicians likem 70-year-old Joe Biden (and, in his latest incarnation, 65-year-old Romney), and into the era of the new cool, younger politicians who take a “low-friction” approach to the issues – like (in Brooks’ imagination) 42-year-old Ryan or like 51-year-old Obama in the first debate.

      Perhaps Brooks is speaking exclusively for himself. He’s hot for Romney and the idea of massive tax cuts for people like… himself, he thinks Ryan is cool, and he runs hot and cold on Obama.

      Ryan, incidentally, did not demonstrate “fluency” in foreign policy. When he strayed from his clearly memorized sound bites, he collapsed. Brooks knows that, just as Brooks knows that Ryan spent as little time as he could addressing policy issues. At least Romney said he was going to cut PBS to pay for their tax cuts – for Ryan, even backing up the boss was a bridge too far.

      It’s a shame that “Mr. Ryan”, the Vice Presidential candidate, showed up for the debate instead of Congressman Ryan, the “budget guru” who has spent the last two years spearheading the GOP’s plans to cut taxes and slash spending. Mr. Ryan said that it’s Congressman Ryan’s job to figure out what to cut, but alas… Congressman Ryan was a no-show and the “Mr. Ryan” who appeared in his stead was absolutely clueless on the subject.

      Substantive, indeed.

      • “Mr. Ryan” is ashamed of “Congressman Ryan” and vice versa.

        And rightly so.

      • Joey Maloney

        I don’t know that Brooks does in fact know that Ryan doesn’t know shit about foreign policy. I think it’s more likely that Brooks doesn’t know shit about foreign policy or, indeed, much of anything. Or if he does, he forgets it when he’s drowning in Ryan’s baby blues or daydreaming about those biceps bulging and relaxing as Paulie caresses his thigh under hte table.

        • Ryan is, at his core, a privileged dipshit. The Time photos with his chicken legs and backwards douche-cap are more representative than ones with him at a podium, waving his farcical budget proposals.

          • Bart

            I resemble that remark about chicken legs.

      • cpinva

        convince me that brooks “knows” anything.

        Brooks knows that, just as Brooks knows that Ryan spent as little time as he could addressing policy issues.

        to answer the question, “why did romney pick a guy as obviously ill-informed and inept as ryan for his running mate?”

        because, dear readers, romney himself is pretty damn ill-informed and inept, in spite of three degrees. in his eyes (the eyes of a not very bright person), ryan is an “intellectual”.

        like bush before him, i initially gave romney credit for being reasonably intelligent, and just putting on an “aw shucks” show for the republican rubes. also like bush before him, i’ve concluded that romney really just isn’t a very smart man, it’s not an act.

  • Sly

    Shorter Bobo: Even though I would have us determine modern tax and regulatory policy on the arcane musings of men who have been dead for 200 years, I think Joe Biden is a political antique.

    • cpinva

      would that he would actually do this, on the musings of at least a brilliant, 200 year dead man, like, oh, i don’t know, say, adam smith. smith advocated for a progressive tax system, and gov’t regulation of business. he did this for the precise reasons that we do so today: wealthy people get more from the system, so should pay more to help keep it running. businesses, left to their own devices, will frequently destroy the economy.

  • c u n d gulag

    Poor, poor, ‘Mr. Manners!’

    Hurry, pull up the fainting couch, he’s having the vapors!
    And run and get that vial of smelling salts – the poor boy’s fainted!

    In case someone hasn’t already read it, here’s the great Matt Taibbi, on why Biden was RIGHT to laugh at Paul “The Fresh Prince of Hot Air” Ryan:


    Last week, the right cheered Mitt’s ADD performance, but how was Joe Biden any more obnoxious than that smirking, interrupting, glaring, arrogant, finger-pointing, coked-up sociopathic fiend, Romney?

    If we had real journalists in our MSM, they’d openly howl, laugh, and point at what these Conservative fools and feckin’ idjits are saying.

    Drunk and high Chimpanzees trying to solve Rubix Cubes on camera should be treated with more respect than Newt, Nooners, Coulter, Malkin, Palin, Will, Brooks, Santorum, Bachmann, Cain, King, Goemert (I could go on and on, but we’d be here all day).
    They either lie about everything for their own enrichment, are certifiably insane, or are ignorant to the point of making a chunk of ignatius rock look like a legitimate MENSA candidate.

    On the Sunday gab-fests, Holocaust/climate change deniers, and Flat Earthers, should be given the same respectful and serious treatment as Concentration Camp survivors, Arctic scientists, and Physicists?
    The latter should be treated with respect. The former, if even invited to appear, need to be openly mocked for the amusement of the viewing audience. Bring the coffee and donuts from the Green Room, and throw them at these feckin’ idjit’s to mock them – they deserve far worse!

    Why does a disgusting, amoral human being, and sociopathic idealogue like Newt Gingrich get treated with respect?
    This former disgraced Speaker of the House, who does nothing but spout Conservative talking points, brings nothing to the table except for mendacity and hot air.
    How can anyone resist mocking the man behind the impeachment of Bill Clinton for getting a BJ, while he himself is at the same time cheating on his 2nd wife by getting BJ’s from his future 3rd wife?
    How is THAT not comedy gold?
    If you want to invite him – MOCK HIM!
    If anyone’s earned it, Newt has!!!

    How about Paul Ryan, the latest Vodoo Economics grifter, the man-child who, despite taking an economics class in college, still can’t add and subtract.
    He should be questioned and probed, and if he can’t show the numbers – MOCK HIM!

    When a shape-shifting racist Jesus-grifting scumbag thug like Ralph Reed is brought on MTP, and no one, least of all Disco Dancin’ Davey, lists his crimes against God, country, and humanity, and they don’t openly MOCK HIM, they encourage other sociopaths to keep coming out of the woodwork, hoping for face-time and fast cash.

    When you show them respect, instead of treating them like sick, stupid, moronic jokes, you only encourage their sociopathic behavior.

    There’s no downside for them – UNTIL THEY’RE OPENLY MOCKED!

    Then, maybe they’ll either go to their natural home – FOX “News” – or crawl back under the rock that their parents should have buried them under once they realized that junior/juniorette was a raving sociopath.

    Bobo, Biden was right to mock Ryan!

    And you’d be on every rational persons list too, Bobo, if we mocked all of the liers, fools, rubes, feckin’ idjit’s, grifters, morons, henchmen, thugs, racists, misogynists, xenophobes, homophobes, and paid propagandists.

    • YankeeFrank


    • laslo

      Henceforth this will be referred to as “Mock Them 1.0” .

    • That was delightfully uncivil.

      Wouldn’t it be great if the media rules were that Bobo couldn’t appear unless it was opposite driftglass?

      • c u n d gulag

        I’d love to see a debate between Bobo and Krugman.

        How long before Bobo’s crying “UNCLE!!!”

    • cpinva

      all true:

      Drunk and high Chimpanzees trying to solve Rubix Cubes on camera should be treated with more respect than Newt, Nooners, Coulter, Malkin, Palin, Will, Brooks, Santorum, Bachmann, Cain, King, Goemert (I could go on and on, but we’d be here all day).
      They either lie about everything for their own enrichment, are certifiably insane, or are ignorant to the point of making a chunk of ignatius rock look like a legitimate MENSA candidate.

      but, and this is very, very important: they generate ratings! and really, that’s all the media cares about.

  • Semanticleo

    Biden clearly ended the psychic slide. He took it to Representative Paul Ryan on the inexplicability of the Republican tax plan. He had his best moments on the subjects in which Ryan is strongest, like budgets

    Biden was wrong. Ryan didn’t ask for Stimulus twice, but four times..

    • Snarki, child of Loki

      I think you should leave Ryan’s love life out of this discussion.

      Depraved, pathetic, and amusing as it no doubt is.

  • DrDick

    This is the reality of calls for “civility” in our public discourse. It only applies to those on the left (as we are supposed to be “nice guys” who do not say or do mean things), while the right is free to lie, cheat, and physically intimidate or attack their opponents with impunity. Politics is not a drawing room soiree, it is a back alley bare knuckle fight and if you cannot deal with that then fuck off, pissant.

    • c u n d gulag

      Tsk, tsk – SUCH LANGUAGE!!!

      What would David “Mr. Manners” Brooks say about that?

      Go wash your mouth out with soap, young man!

      • DrDick

        He would say nothing, but faint dead away in a fit of the vapors. Piss on him and everyone like him. I come from a long line of foul mouthed sonsofbitches on both sides (that was my maternal grandfather’s favorite word) and intend to continue the family tradition.

        • Pestilence

          Excellent – the mealymouthed prissiness of America has quite astonished me since I’ve arrived here … or maybe thats just the genteel South

        • Celeste – they are just amazing.i epclsiaely like the family one where all three are laughing.and the book one is clever, cute, and i totally think you need to do a digi kit with vintage book paper in it so that you can scrap it properly. :)October 15, 2010 5:18 pm

    • Murc

      You know, I can actually only count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen politicians of either party actually behave uncivilly, especially at the national level.

      You have to get up to the level of interrupting the President during his speech with an accusation of “You lie!”.

      I’ve seen plenty of intemperance, sure. But uncivil isn’t “You, sir, are destroying the country.” It’s “Fuck you, you fucking fucker” and then throwing a punch.

      Maybe I just have low standards for what constitutes civility.

      • DrDick

        See, there you go again. “Incivility” in modern discourse is telling the truth about conservative policies, politicians, and their consequences.

        • c u n d gulag

          It’s uncivil because the truth hurts!

      • It’s “Fuck you, you fucking fucker” and then throwing a punch.

        I am in favor of incivility in our politics, then.

        Seriously, in a fistfight between Biden and Ryan, who do you think will go down crying?

        • DrDick

          It has been rather too long since we had a good caning in the halls of Congress.

          • cpinva

            forget the cane, i’d use an aluminum softball bat. son-of-a-bitch will dent and bend, but won’t break. i hate changing bats in mid-thrashing!

  • Sherm

    The spoiled rich kid who never held a full time job, private sector job in his life outside of the family business and who was prematurely declared the great intellectual of the republican party despite the complete absence of any legislative achievement is the product of the culture of meritocracy?

    • How many Americans outside of the small group who follow politics know anything about Paul Ryan except how he looks, how he appears, and the fact that the Village considers him to be bold and brilliant?

      There isn’t really much anyone can do to dislodge a belief, once it has set in. And Ryan’s rep has set in.

    • YankeeFrank

      Yes, thanks for pointing that out. Brooks, once again, has it completely ass-backwards. This nation is not a meritocracy, and if it ever was, it was during the era he mocks as “antique”. In a meritocracy Obama wouldn’t be president. But neither would W, Reagan and many others. Paul Ryan would be mocked as a hot-air producer, not a “numbers guy”. We are in a sorry state when a guy who proposes a budget with one side of the balance sheet completely missing is described as a “numbers guy”. Lets face it, to get ahead in America these days the last thing you need is competence. Just look at bobo himself. Has the guy ever been right about anything? Obama’s entire economic team (sans Christine Romer, now long gone) is a bunch of failed retreads that were singularly responsible for destroying the regulatory framework that protected us since the New Deal era. And let’s not even talk about Romney’s “advisors”. Whenever I hear terms like “the best and brightest” I duck for cover, and can only think of the rotted core of America’s elite institutions and the “leaders” they produce. The one consistently identifiable trait of those “lucky” enough to graduate our elite universities is massive arrogance and narcissism.

      In America these days, if you are right about things you are sidelined. Too many powerful people are too consistently wrong about pretty much everything to allow those with insight and common sense into their ranks — it would show them up as the frauds they are.

      Meritocracy my left nut.

      • Holden Pattern

        The one consistently identifiable trait of those “lucky” enough to graduate our elite universities is massive arrogance and narcissism.

        Prevalent, sure. Universal, no.

      • cpinva

        oh, i must vigorously disagree! ryan is a “numbers guy”. unfortunately, his “numbers” make no actual sense.

    • Cody

      It’s even clear in the media’s reports of the debate. Front page of CNN “Biden emotional; Ryan wonky”.

      Now, they mean wonky here as in a policy “wonk” which is new set of awful lingo. I fail to see anywhere in the debate Ryan was playing the intellectual. He never brought up any meaningful numbers. He just spouted lines and talked about how Obama was a “failure” and repeated the Medicare budget change number over and over.

      Yet, that was another intellectually supreme performance by Ryan to CNN!

  • Werid Dave

    Correction: October 13, 2012

    An earlier version of this article misspelled the surname of a character on “Family Ties.” The character was Alex Keaton, not Keating.

    No, you got the surname right the fist time.

    • Colin Day

      But then he misspelled “Charles”.

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  • thebewilderness

    There are a whole lot of Nirvana fans who know that Lyin’ Ryan lifted the “bean” story from Francis Bean Cobain. Bobo isn’t one of them.

  • Pat

    I went back and read the column. It is even more ludicrous than the shorter makes it sound. Joe Biden equals Ed Norton? He’s trying much too hard to be MoDo.

    The first batch of comments to Brooks’ column all disagree with him. Suppose he reads them?

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  • Cody

    Ryan is lucky he didn’t get laughed off stage. Biden looked like he was having a wonderful time up there. Lucky for the Republicans, the media could care less about the facts in the debate.

    The Left will have to keep being “uncivil” and calling Republicans liars when they lie, while Republicans are stately by just calling Liberals generally liars like Romney does.

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