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On Caucuses

[ 2 ] March 7, 2012 |

Over at the Prospect I wade into the debate about the use of caucuses in the presidential selection process. I think the current system works tolerably well, although I don’t oppose regulation in principle and could be convinced that an all-primary system would be better.


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  1. Daragh McDowell says:

    Perhaps this is just a result of me being from the godless socialist hellhole that is Europe but I really don’t have much of a problem with the caucus system at all. As long as everyone gets to vote on who actually holds office, I don’t really care how the parties choose to put up. Given that the GOP primaries seem to be about to show us whether there are any practical limits to the Overton window, I think I might actually prefer an elite driven process.

  2. Gareth Wilson says:

    There’s no need to regulate the parties, but candidates chosen entirely by open primaries should have a better chance of winning general elections.

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