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Most Racist Trayvon Martin Cartoon


It’s not even Darleen Click!

In addition to being offensive, it doesn’t make any sense. Why is the Politically Correct media — bent on destroying poor, put-upon vigilante killers who are to be commended for ridding the community of youths brandishing Skittles — using anachronistic racial slurs? I also note that it’s Zimmerman’s apologists, not people who opposed vigilante killings of unarmed people for walking in suburban neighborhoods, who seem to believe that Martin has to be a saint for his killing to have been wrong…

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  • proverbialleadballoon

    escuse me, i speak winger jive. when even fox news punts on a big story, it takes the real hardcore racism fans to do the cartoonin’. so what you get is this inbred hillbilly stab at humor. rather than the professional propagandists’ stuff.

    • proverbialleadballoon

      i do like the arrows pointing to the underlined words ‘white’ and ‘colored’, since those words need to double-highlighted to show the underlying issue in this case. which is racialism, obviously. ‘racialism’ reminds me of ‘perfectly understandishable’ from mr. show.

    • david mizner

      “Inbred Hillbilly” ?

      Really? That’s your answer to an offensive cartoon.

      Anyway, I googled her. She’s a “scholar.”


      • proverbialleadballoon

        i’m part hillbilly. don’t mean to offend, but i get to use that word. she seems to be a normal person, and quite a good student, from her page. too bad she’s a racist and a weak cartoonist.

        • david mizner

          And I’m a Jew, so I’ll point out that this racist is not a conservative Christian from “backwoods” Texas but a achieving A-student Jew from a wealthy suburb of Houston.

          • BradP

            I am beginning to wonder when it is acceptable to lump someone into a racial stereotype and when its not.

            Right now it seems that if a hispanic targets black kids, he’s a wannabe whitey, and if a cartoonist weighs in on the other side, she must be an inbred hillbilly.

            Racism isn’t really a good thing, even if the subjects do not arouse sympathy.

            • proverbialleadballoon

              i admire your detached attitude brad, but i don’t stomach racism. maybe i cross some sort of line when i refer to racists as inbred hillbillies. so what? racism is a big part of the problem, shit just like this, they cause more damage to this country, dragging it down. this isn’t a court of law, though we are among lawyers. the south and it’s admirers can go secede and die. the normal people would be allowed to immigrate to the united states, and then texartucky can go fend for itself.

              • John

                I think the point isn’t that calling a racist a hillbilly is insulting to racists. It’s that it’s insulting to hillbillies.

                • DrDick

                  As a half hillbilly, I would agree with that. I personally prefer the term “redneck” to describe these peckerwoods, as it is more descriptive of an attitude than a social class.

                • proverbialleadballoon

                  fine. she’s using inbred redneck humor, which she isn’t herself, as a college republican. which makes it worse, because otherwise, she’s smart enough. no offense meant to hillbillies, i apologize. racism just really pisses me off, especially when it’s lowest common denominator level. _she’s got ‘colored’ underlined and with arrows_. baby boomers and older use colored where i’m from, not college kids. that’s archaic to me, not-even-trying-to-hide-it racism. i know there are aspects that i probably don’t understand about the south, but screw that. ‘colored’ in 2012?

                • DrDick

                  It pisses me off as well (and I have spent 40 years fighting against it), but so does classism. What we need to attack is the attitudes and beliefs, not the identities of these folks (which is not to say that a whole lot of hillbillies are not racists, but so are a whole lot of CEOs).

                • ajay

                  As a half hillbilly, I would agree with that.

                  I believe the preferred term is “person of high-altitude honkitude”.

                • Hogan

                  Dr. Hibbert: You don’t forget a thing like Siamese twins!

                  Lisa: I believe they prefer to be called “conjoined twins.”

                  Dr. Hibbert: And hillbillies prefer “sons of the soil.” But it ain’t gonna happen.

          • DrDick

            In Texas, even the Jews can be rednecks (witness Kinky Friedman).

            • Woodrowfan

              Remember Billy Carter’s definition of the difference between a Good ol’ Boy and a Redneck? A redneck tosses his beer cans out the window of his truck onto the road side, and a good ol’ boy tosses them into the back bed of his pickup.

          • cpinva

            did you take a look at the rest of her body of “work” for the paper? as the author of column noted, they are “mystifying”, and not in a good way. in fact, individually and in the aggregate, they are baffling.

            ms. eisner is freshman, and apparently was quite accomplished in her high school career. somewhere along the way (i suspect she may have been her hs’s paper’s editorial page cartoonist as well), you’d think someone would have explained that editorial cartoons, by definition are kind of required to have a point. it seems no one did, if the ‘toons linked to are representative of her total body of work.

            based on the other cartoons, i am beginning to suspect (and she wrote a column justifying the cartoon) the obvious racism of her cartoon was totally unintentional, she just seriously has no clue.

            how she got the position is a mystery. maybe she is someone’s younger sister, or cousin?

            • In my experience, “undergraduate-produced college newspaper editorial cartoonist” is not a position that’s filled by competitive examination. You take what you can get. Stephanie Eisner doesn’t seem any worse than the median; she just blundered onto the wrong landmine at the wrong time.

              • Halloween Jack

                This. It’s not as if all college cartoonists are mediocre; Garry Trudeau and Berke Breathed both started off as college cartoonists, and Chris Ware did work for the Daily Texan (and also did work for Art Spiegelman’s RAW starting his sophomore year). Some are good writers, some are good artists, a few are both, and quite a few (like Eisner) are neither.

      • BradP

        Yeah, she also has a cartoon juxtaposing Hillary Clinton telling Egypt that “America Demands Real Democracy”, with a cop breaking up OWS with “America provides real hypocrisy”. Also included are attacks on SOPA censorship and Silvio Burlusconi for burying his head in the sand.

        Its tough to get a bead on where she is coming from, but “Inbred Hillbilly” isn’t it and is another one of those comments that makes me feel uncomfortable.

        • david mizner

          I guess another way of looking at he is: she’s 19 and quite possibly (we can hope) mortified that she was ridiculed in Gawker.

          • Spud

            she’s 19 and quite possibly (we can hope) mortified that she was ridiculed in Gawker.

            19 year olds are idiots by nature.

            Its at an age where you are old enough to be tried as an adult but not old enough to really do adult things or have responsibilities like one.

            • Njorl

              If you go by the car insurance actuaries, women grow up at around 21, and men at 26.

        • Proving once again, if you have an opinion on a political subject a single panel cartoon might not be the best comprehensive take the problem.

          • cpinva

            true enough, especially (as becomes more obvious, when you look at the rest of her cartoons) when you don’t appear to have a particularly good grasp of the subject matter.

        • proverbialleadballoon

          ok, she’s not an inbred hillbilly, she’s a young republican. she shows she smart enough by getting the breakup of occupy mostly right, so that makes her racism even uglier, with a brain in her head. having to underline and draw arrows to white and colored isn’t a very high level of humor, maybe the lowest common denominator, and i misidentified her particular breed of racism. just because it’s young republican rather than hillbilly inbreed doesn’t make it excusable.

      • Spud

        Anyway, I googled her. She’s a “scholar.”

        A horribly lame attempt at satire?

        Someone who needs to go back to political cartooning school?

      • Matthew Stevens

        A “forty acres” scholar? Gee, where have I heard that phrase before?

      • Furious Jorge

        Whatever else she is, she is a poor cartoonist.

        • BradP

          I cannot argue with that. I think she overthinks things and it renders her cartoons incomprehensible.

      • Halloween Jack

        If winning a scholarship makes you a scholar, then virtually all beauty contest winners are scholars.

  • david mizner

    Is her misspelling of Trayvon supposed to mean something?

    • It means she’s not following the story at all but just knows the liberal media must be lying about another white man.

      • proverbialleadballoon

        she probably thinks she’s clever with the double-use of ‘yellow’ on the book, too. that’s some sweet racismeering.

  • Give Darleen time. Also, you seem to be forgetting Day by Day.

    • firefall

      Whenever humanly possible, Mal, whenever I can. A Day without Day By Day is a good Day

      • Scott Lemieux

        The terrorist fist bump is a nice touch, you have to admit. Say this for Muir, his wingnuttery is never half-assed even though his writing is quarter-assed…

        • joe from Lowell

          I like the way Muir can’t find any black to say what he wants, so he literally created one.

          • joe from Lowell

            Dammit, this is the second time in 2 days I left out the noun after the adjective “black.”

            “…can’t find any black person…

            I sound like an effing hillbilly. “Ya see, the blacks….”

            EDIT FUNCTION!

            • Furious Jorge

              I sound like an effing hillbilly.

              Or my Ohio-based in-laws.

              • joe from Lowell

                Do they use “gay” as a noun, too?

                • Uncle Kvetch

                  My deceased grandmother always referred to any East Asian person as a “Chinee” (i.e., singular of the plural “Chinese”).

                  Bonus: my father, now in his late-70s and rapidly approaching Peak Crotchety, has now decided to adopt the habit.

                • Hogan

                  Maybe your grandmother was a Bret Harte fan.

                • Uncle Kvetch

                  Maybe your grandmother was a Bret Harte fan.

                  Fascinating, Hogan — I always wondered how common that usage was.

            • timb

              We need an edit function….I know I do.

        • See, I thought the KKK-robe-but-black-linen (because Obama and Holder are, you know, black) was what really set it apart. The from-left-field reference to the Black Panthers – that took, well, not some thought, but some something. The terrorist fist bump was so 2008…

          • mark f

            Hey, if Obama gets a second term they’re gonna have to rename the White House, amirite?

            • You know, I joked last week that Anonatroll had a mental picture of Holder looking like this.

              Based on the strict evidentiary standards held by Jack Cashill, I am now confident that Anonatroll is, in fact, Chris Muir.

              • You mean that’s not a picture of Holder about to hand over guns to Mexican drug lords? The wingnuts will be dissapointed.

          • Halloween Jack

            Some KKK splinter groups use black robes. I know this because, once when I was home after calling in sick, I turned on the Jerry Springer show and caught “Tales of the Midget Klan.” (That was the only episode of Springer that I ever watched because, if it got more far-out than that, I’m not sure that I wanted to gaze into that abyss.)

  • BradP

    In addition to being offensive, it doesn’t make any sense. Why is the Politically Correct media — bent on destroying poor, put-upon vigilante killers who are to be commended for ridding the community of youths brandishing Skittles — using anachronistic racial slurs?

    It appears as if the cartoon wants to portray the media as being both patronizing and reliant on anachronistic narratives concerning the role race has played in this incident.

    • Furious Jorge

      If that’s the case, she has a *lot* of work to do on her cartooning skills.

      A lot.

      • BradP

        She does appear to be new at it.

    • peorgietirebiter

      I think you may be on to something. The coverage has been nothing if not predictable. While I don’t think the media got the headline wrong, I do think the narrative got stuck in the obvious and familiar very early on.
      So if I give the artist every conceivable benefit of the doubt, the best I might say is that she showed the courage to fail spectacularly. Considering it isn’t Darleen Click, The obvious interpretation seems a bit to obvious to me. But then I’m the guy that honestly felt W would look at the popular vote totals and proceed with a humble and generous heart.

      • BradP

        What Njorl said below:

        Whether or not you see some of the media response as cynical race-baiting (that is an extremely generous interpretation of that cartoon), you cannot deny that there are important racial factors involved in the incident and public response that are newsworthy.

  • LKS

    Either I don’t understand what “anachronistic” means, or you haven’t spent enough time down here in the South.

    • dl


  • joe from Lowell

    University of Where?

    I’m having some kind of browser problem. Nevada? Missouri? Rhode Island? North Carolina?

    I know: Oregon. It’s the University of Oregon student newspaper, right?

    Thelma was right: drive around.

    • Hogan

      Fat Freddie: Hey, where’s Franklin?

      Phineas: He took the car to Texas to see his folks.

      Fat Freddie: Texas?! Oh no! He’ll be killed!

      Phineas: Texas isn’t that bad . . .

      Fat Freddie: No, I’m gonna kill him myself! He drove off with our entire stash in the car!

  • Njorl

    I tried looking for a generous interpretation of the cartoon. At best, it’s a statement that the media is hyping the racial elements of the story because they sell. Why she would use “colored” is still a mystery to me. I suppose it is a way of implying that the media are the real racists here. That is, however, the typical reflexive racist argument – anyone who talks about race is a racist, while those who do racist things are not.

    It’s ridiculous, of course. The racial elements of the story are obvious and newsworthy. Ignoring them would be incompetence for a journalist.

  • wengler

    I’ve read plenty of extremely stupid columns and cartoons in the student newspaper when I was in college, so this isn’t too surprising.

    I feel a little bad for the girl because she obviously didn’t know the shitstorm she was inviting, but she failed the most basic level of being a political cartoonist. What the fuck does it even mean? I hope this convinces her that this isn’t what she is supposed to do.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a little puzzled; is “colored” the anachronistic racial slur? I didn’t think it was actually a slur during the period it was widely used–but was, rather, regarded as neutral. I’ve been wrong before, so maybe I’m misremembering it.

    • Njorl

      The slur in question is “coon”, I believe. The 911 tape is not very clear, but many believe Zimmerman used it in his call. I haven’t heard the tape myself.

      • Aaron Baker

        Oh, I thought Lemieux meant that the lady representing the Mainstream Media in the cartoon was using an anachronistic racial slur.

        Sometimes the subtlety of his prose is quite beyond me.

  • Aaron Baker

    I just posted the query about “colored,” and I neglected to type in my name. I’m not a fan of anonymous posting (it’s the root of much internet evil), so I’m ID’ing myself here.

  • Halloween Jack

    This is an awful lot of overanalysis being devoted to a crude, shitty piece of work by someone who’s still technically a teenager and probably won’t be going on to do this for a living. Putting her in the league of Darleen Click or Chris Muir doesn’t seem to be justified here, unless you really need to get your hate-on that badly.

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