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Tonight at the Non-Sequitur Theater: Mr. David Brooks!


Shorter Bobo: I find the “technocrats” in the Obama administration demoralizing because they don’t understand the core of any successful anti-poverty formula: unplanned pregnancies, and plenty of ’em. And don’t kid yourself, there’s no way we can address poverty if Roman Catholic institutions employing civilians to perform secular work can’t engage in empty moralizing about contraception that hasn’t persuaded anybody since the Eisenhower administration. The causal logic may not seem obvious, but that’s because you’re some technocrat who doesn’t spend enough time at the Applebee’s salad bar.

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  • Njorl

    This position of Obama’s on contraception will increase his support among Catholics. There are a lot more Catholic women than Bishops.

    You can see this in BoBo’s comment section.

  • cpinva

    mr. brooks owes applebee’s an apology, he’s giving their salad bar a bad name.

  • c u n d gulag

    “There are a million factors that contribute to poverty, and they interact in a zillion ways.”

    Whoa, slow down there, Brooksie.
    All o’ them there numbers…
    You’ll hurt yourself!

    Just collect your checks and opine, and leave numbers to people with 3-digit IQ’s.

    Shorter David “Insipid” Brooks:
    “Oh, if only the whole world thought like I do – what a wonderful place it would be to live! What is wrong with you people?”

    You want to end caffeine and cocaine addiction?
    Just read David Brooks’ columns to the addicts, and they’ll sleep their way through withdrawal symptoms.
    Or laugh ’til they pass out.

    • Holden Pattern

      One, two, three, four, million, billion, trillion, zillion. Brooks is the can’t Count.

  • Mudge

    To reiterate..Applebees has no salad bar..except in the righteous mind of David Brooks.

    It is sad when a post that long is “Shorter Bobo”. The man can pack so much wrong into such a small space.

  • I broke my rule not to read Bobo directly but only made it to the second paragraph. Yep, he actually ties opposition to birth control to antipoverty policy. Now I have the Sesame Street song “One of These Things Is Not Like the Other” stuck in my head.

  • So let me get this straight, Catholicism will be less able to build a sense of community in 14-year-old girls if they don’t have exempted hospitals or universities? I don’t know what kind of girl hangs out at hospitals and the ones that hang out at colleges aren’t there for the moral environment.

    Anyways, if the Catholics leave the hospital business because they can’t get a tax exemption or don’t want to have contraceptives on the grounds they have a lot to answer to Christians willing to practice their faith when the Romans were feeding them to the lions.

  • Halloween Jack

    My shorter Bobo: Technocrats are OK if they reinforce my personal prejudices, otherwise they totally suck.

  • rea

    This, of course, is an example of journalism at its worse.

    There are some long-standing, well-established rules about when freedom of religion trumps statutory regulation of the terms and conditions of employment.

    Those rules, which have been around in the caselaw since the ’60s, lead us to exactly where the Obama Administration ended up on contraception coverage.

    I haven’t seen the slightest hint in the media coverage that such long-standing rules exist, and instead, Obama is portrayed as having ordered some kind of unprecedented invasion of religious liberty.

    • ema

      Not only what you mentioned, but also no coverage/discussion of how the insurance companies’ interest factors into this decision.

      • DrDick

        Given the costs of child birth, normally covered by most policies, and the multitude of potential complications from pregnancy and childbirth, it is pretty clear that it is in the long term interest of the insurance companies to cover birth control.

        • Rugosa

          I’ve often thought that insurance companies should be giving contraceptive coverage away as a premium. It speaks to America’s deep-seated (and juvenile) squeamishness about sex that they don’t. Motherhood is sacred, but how you get to motherhood is icky; therefore thinking about sex and planning beforehand is somehow morally suspect.

  • Davis

    Excellent Shorter, albiet a little long.

  • Tybalt

    Bonus points were awarded for reading to the bottom, where the oh-so-respectful Brooks characterizes the beliefs of Chicago’s inner-city pastors as “sacred cows”. Oh Bobo. So respectful.

  • Joseph Slater

    Even by his standards, this was dumber than normal.

  • Hogan

    Technocrats are in the business of promulgating rules. They seek abstract principles that they can apply in all cases. From their perspective, a rule is fair when it can be imposed uniformly across the nation.

    Technocratic organizations take diverse institutions and make them more alike by imposing the same rules. Technocracies do not defer to local knowledge. They dislike individual discretion. They like consistency, codification and uniformity.

    Technocratic institutions have an unstated theory of how change happens. It’s the theory President Obama sketched out at the beginning and end of his State of the Union address: Society works best when it is like a military unit — when everybody works together in pursuit of a mission, pulling together as one.

    You know, he’s certainly right about that. Wait, we are talking about the Catholic Church, aren’t we?

    • Holden Pattern

      Remember, the Church is not the people. It’s the buildings, the investments, the doctrine and the hierarchy. That’s the real Church, right there.

      The people are just the imperfect raw material that the Church feed on.

    • Murc

      As someone with a strong technocratic streak running through his thought, Brooks doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about.

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