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The Thanks Unions Get


Every election cycle, Democratic politicians come feasting at the union trough, using unions to raise money and coordinate get out the vote campaigns. Nobody on the Democratic side does these things better.

So what do unions get in return? Lip service. Or worse. Such as yesterday, when Senate Democrats agreed to a “compromise” over the FAA reauthorization package that was essentially another Democratic cave on the major issue between them and Republicans–the ability of government transportation workers to form unions. Harry Reid and Jay Rockefeller are the leading sellouts here. Essentially the compromise measure raises the bar for the percentage of workers who show active interest in forming a union to the unreasonable level of fifty percent before a union election can be held. The current level is a more reasonable level of 35%. This is not to vote the union in. This number is simply to begin the process of setting up an election. The Communication Workers of America, who represents many of these workers, and the AFL-CIO worked to kill the bill, but it passed with a huge majority.

Why do unions support the Democratic Party again? Unions were the difference in Harry Reid’s reelection campaign. His payback–pushing through a measure that will severely restrict unionization among government transportation workers. Thanks Harry!

…To be clear, I obviously understand the reasons why unions support Democrats such as the NLRB, etc. However, that unions are taken for granted by the Democratic Party year and year and election after election, even after labor provides much of material necessary to win elections–including having just provided the margin of victory for Harry Reid–is more than a little frustrating. I guess relying on your friends means dying a slow death whereas your enemies will kill you immediately. Great choice.

…..CWA President Larry Cohen is more than a little angry at the Democratic Party.

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