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Remembering Paul Motian


Will Layman offers a lovely remembrance of the late, great Paul Motian, whose passing we have talked about here a couple of times.

A couple of months ago, I found the New Left dystopian film “Punishment Park.” In it, Motian provides one of the great soundtracks of all time. Worth a viewing for the soundtrack alone.

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  • blowback

    And in a few months you will discover Peter Watkins’ earlier film The War Game.

  • Hob

    It’s worth seeing for a lot of reasons– for one thing, it’s pretty much the only example of a political drama using improvisational acting to good effect (the government tribunal was made up of non-actors who agreed with their characters’ anti-hippie views). I hadn’t realized that that’s who did the soundtrack; it contributes a good deal to the effect of the movie, which is really upsetting in a way that thrillers usually aren’t.

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