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Keep Chuckin’ Those Facts


Clearly, anyone who is more concerned with arbitrary executive authority than Ben Wittes must be lying.

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  • Well, maybe Robert Chesney can make that claim

  • cpinva

    no surprise, politifact has an unfortunate history of doing the least possible fact-checking, before making its pronouncements. one should take anything they say with caution, and check their facts. of course, one should do the same with pretty much anything.

  • John

    Wow, a fight between Politifact and Glenn Greenwald. Can’t they both be wrong?

    • +1

    • Polifact rates your comment a “mostly true.”

      Glenn Greenwald working on a nine page piece on your ideological unreliability and naivete.

      • Bill Murray

        but Greenwald does nothing but win

        • SeanH

          It’s all he does!

          He just. Wins. Arguments.

          • Right, let’s just ignore the fact that he’s mostly gotten lucky against a bunch of weak-sauce opponents.

            • booferama

              Honestly, it’s the defense and special teams that give him such good field position.

            • rea

              Well, but when people get lucky and win with no discernable basis, that just shows that them winning was the will of god!

            • Rob

              That was Romney’s plan in 2012 and yet he seems to have screwed that up.

            • dangermouse

              Right, let’s just ignore the fact that he’s mostly gotten lucky against a bunch of weak-sauce opponents.

              How is David Horowitz doing these days?

              • Playing cornerback for the Bears, last I heard.

              • mds

                How is David Horowitz doing these days?

                Hey, now. That’s a bit unfair. Sure, Ho’zer’s arguments are weak-sauce, but that didn’t make him a weak-sauce opponent. A weak-sauce opponent (1) doesn’t get state legislatures to take his complete horseshit seriously, and (2) doesn’t give off a vibe of being about to go for your eye with a tobacco knife. On the other hand, the Most Dangeral Professor seemed to be able to interact very cordially with Ho’zer one-on-one, so perhaps the sauce contains only a little bit of liquor … sort of like Professor Bérubé himself [Drum roll, cymbal sting].

                • Thanks, mds. But it’s true that a competent, intelligible Horowitz would have been a more formidable foe.

  • Njorl

    Even the liberal Brookings Institute …

    • Hogan

      My thought exactly.

      • Kurzleg

        Soon it will be “even the liberal George W. Bush.”

    • timb

      Brookings and Hoover? What a weird concoction of bullshit

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