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Shorter Glenn Reynolds And Other Assorted Wingers


“We thought Herman Cain was one of the good ones.   But then he “played the race card” by arguing that leasing a ranch called “Niggerhead” might be offensive.”

See also. My favorite example of using the phrase “playing the race card” as a way of asserting without argument that racism (at least among white conservatives) can never exist is actually Michelle Malkin, who argues that the Post “tried to macaca Rick Perry.”   Indeed, how could the media have “played the race card” by pointing it out when a politician who proudly wore the Treason in Defense of Slavery flag while growing up in California used a racial slur that had no possible meaning other than a racial slur?   How unfair!


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  • Shorter entire right wing:
    Tell those people to stop throwing themselves in front of our whips!

  • I’m pretty sure naming a ranch “niggerhead” is preemptively playing the biggest race card of them all.

    • brandon

      It’s sort of like a race billboard!

  • DrDick

    You are the true racist for pointing out the blatant racism of of conservatives!

  • c u n d gulag

    I wonder what they would say if they found out that Cain’s father leased a ranch called Red-necked Peckerwoods?
    And I wonder what would have happened to Perry if he commented negatively about it – I mean besides him skyrocketing in the polls?

    And I’m sure Cain’d be considered almost as racist as Obama.

    But, as DrDick says, WE’RE clearly the racist’s for point this out!

    • Bill Murray

      well they probably wouldn’t care. That’s part of what you get by being in the class that is not subject to discrimination.

      Back when the University of North Dakota was working the whole Engelstad-Sioux thing, an intramural basketball team composed of Native American players called themselves something derogatory to white people. The reaction to the name that I heard of was mainly laughter. The world looks different when you are doing the trodding rather than being trodded upon.

      • John F


        Do tell

        My wife tells me that the word for whites where she grew up (Fujian)was synonymous with “ghosts”

      • KadeKo

        Wasn’t that the “Fighting Whities” (replete with ’50s style drawing of a “Dad”) from Univ. of Northern Colorado?

        Or are we thinking of two different things?

  • Walt

    I don’t know why I find it so hard to accept, but I keep being surprised by the revelation that actual right-wingers and the parody of right-wingers that exists in our heads are exactly the same. The right-wing response here is what I would make up if I were trying to parody the right-wingers. It’s disturbing.

    • efgoldman

      I said many times during the run-up to the 2008 elections: most wingnuts have now passed into the great Regions Beyond Parody.
      And its only gotten worse, since.
      Benen often asks, rhetorically, whether GOBP officials and candidates really mean what they say, or are just throwing red meat out there for their base.
      Its becoming ever clearer, isn’t it?

    • Holden Pattern

      Yea verily, American Conservatism has killed satire, and is now spite-fucking the corpse.

  • Joshua

    And Republicans continue to wonder why black people don’t vote for them.

    • Because black people are niggardly with their praise of the Republican revolution!


      • efgoldman

        They don’t care, the GOBP; they’re all about suppressing the vote anyway (see thread below).

  • mark f

    I think verbatim Reynolds might even be worse:

    Herman Cain hurts himself by joining in on these attacks. His big appeal is that he’s not just another black race-card-playing politician.

    This was my favorite “macaca” related comment ever, courtesy of who else but John Hinderaker:

    I’d never heard the word “macaca” before it was used against Senator George Allen[.]

    Interestingly, Power Line seems to be scrubbing its archives of embarrassing content. Amazingly the site still exists.

  • jake the snake

    You can always go back to Ambrose Bierce.

    AFRICAN, n. A nigger that votes our way.
    Ambrose Bierce (1842 – 1914), The Devil’s Dictionary

  • SamR

    Someone had a list the other day that went something like “Herman Cain did not play the race card when he said Democratic policies toward blacks constituted genocide, when he said Barack Obama was not a strong black man, when he said that all blacks who vote for Democrats are brainwashed, etc. Herman Cain did play the race card when he noted that he found calling a lodge “Niggerhead” to be insensitive.”

  • DB

    I guess Glenn forgot to mention “the Democrat plantation” this time. That’s been a right-wing favorite since the early Reagan administration.

    Herman Cain his own bad-ass self used it just recently. It’s a classic.

  • cpinva

    i’m astonished that in this day and age anyone would serially have a problem with perry’s “niggerhead” hunting camp. truly, haven’t we gotten beyond such pettiness? herman cain should be ashamed of himself for even bringing it up (and apparently is).

    i believe i’ve found the name for my next hunting camp:

    Red-necked Peckerwoods

    i just need to find a rock long enough to paint it on, in day-glo orange.

  • R. Porrofatto

    Reynolds also said this about Cain’s “race card”:

    It reminds me of Tim Pawlenty’s weak and opportunistic reaction to the attacks on Sarah Palin. I think that’s what killed his campaign.

    He then links to Pawlenty saying “it’s not my style” about Palin’s crosshair targets. That’s it. No, really that’s it.

    Why do people read this asshole again?

    • Anonymous

      Glenn’s starting to sound like Tanner Boyle.

      • mark f

        Sigh. That was me. My cookies seem to be deleting automatically now . . .

  • herr doktor bimler

    So Reynolds is saying (without exaggeration) that Cain has turned out to be just like all the other black politicians. Apparently ‘identity politics’ and treating people as no more than representatives of some group is only a bad thing when the people decide to assign themselves to a group; it’s a good thing when he does it.

    I’m impressed. Not so much by his racism, but by his lack of self-awareness that it could just be racist to define a race-based group and use it to sum someone up.

  • So, it’s no longer considered acceptable among Republicans to say that it is insensitive to use the word “nigger.”

    That’s all Cain did; he said it was insensitive.

    So, Herman, have you figured out why most black people people don’t vote Republican yet?

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