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On June 27, 2011
Shorter Supreme Court Republicans:  Allowing more people access to the political process without preventing other people from spending their money if they choose violates the First Amendment.   Plutocrats and their agents should have the field to themselves! This case is much, much worse than Citizens United, which at least had a reasonable basis in the […]
Embarrassing. However, at least Douthat is honest here. Anti-abortion crusaders are rarely about the children and often about the encasing of women into idealized and repressive gender roles. Everyone loves winter cycling jacket butter soft flexible feel of a well worn full length leather coat and fashion loving girls always preferred fashion leather jackets have […]
Looks like the vote will finally pass. Outstanding! At lease one member has unexpectedly switched to a “yes”; once the logjam has been broken you’d think some GOP members would prefer not to emulate Strom Thurmond. Whew, it’s good that I was able to get married before the institution of heterosexual marriage ceased to exist […]
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