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People throw around the terms like “mortal lock” and “guaranteed return” all the time, but let’s just say that it would be extremely wise to riskinvest your 401K on the following trifecta:

1. Dialed In

2. Stay Thirsty

3. Shackleford

Feel free to enjoy a mint julep during the race, but I cannot recommend either a Hot Brown or Derby Pie. While both include so many wonderful ingredients that it’s hard to imagine not liking them, I’ve yet to have a serving of either that justified my affection.

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  • Sounds like the basis of a great proposal for Social Security Reform.

  • ThresherK

    What’s Shackleford’s real name?

  • Do you really recommend the mint julep?

  • bill

    Thanks for the vid; somebody had to post it.

  • wengler

    It still was a better investment than AAA-rated CDOs.

  • TBP

    Mint juleps are nasty, unless made the right way, with fresh mint, thoroughly muddled without too much sugar in the (silver) cup it will be served in (not made with minted simple syrup), and served with lots of shaved ice (not cubed, not crushed). It should be made with a good quality bourbon, but a great bourbon should be sipped and is wasted on a julep or any other mixed drink. Obviously this doesn’t happen very often in real life, and what they serve at the Downs, and indeed most places, is a disgrace. It is nice that around Derby time you can always get fresh mint at the grocery store, though. I tend to agree you with about hot browns and Derby pie. They never live up to the rep.

    • Robert Farley

      What I have discovered is that the literature on the mint julep can be wholly characterized by this formula:

      “Mint juleps are vile, except ones that use [insert bourbon] over [crushed, shaved, cubed, etc. ice] with a bit of [crushed mint, bruised mint] on the [top, bottom] along with [a little/lot] of [granulated/powedered/syrup]. Any divergence from this recipe is a/an [disgrace/abomination/abortion/unholiness] that only a/an [moron/idiot/dilettante/frat boy/sorority girl/tourist/alcholic] would drink.”

      • TBP

        Yep, people are almost as dogmatic about mint juleps as they are about martinis, although I hope I didn’t imply that those who make them differently from me are actually evil (and I know I didn’t specify a brand of bourbon, just that it should be a reasonably good one). I’m really not sure why I commented, given that even a well-made julep is pretty low on my list of favorite cocktails. Maybe because I live in Louisville and it’s the time of year when everyone is talking about them.

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