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Teachers in Oklahoma, Kentucky, and now Arizona are building on the actions by their West Virginia comrades and walking off the job to protest their terrible pay and benefits, but really are protesting decades of being underpaid, overworked, and seen as easy marks for attacks from Republicans. First, to the Bluegrass: Public schools closed in […]
This is the grave of John C. Breckinridge The traitor Breckinridge was born in 1821 on his slaveholding family’s plantation. His grandfather was Attorney General under Thomas Jefferson and although his father died when he was very young and like many elites of his time was encumbered in debt, young Breckinridge remained among the Kentucky […]

From Coal to Solar

On April 24, 2017

I’ve long been mystified at the hostility of dirty energy companies transitioning to clean energy because it would seem that the rational move would be for an energy company to figure out how to

What’s the point of looking into old historical texts if not to explore texts about surgery? Thus, Gutenberg presents us with David Yandell’s 1890 treatise, Pioneer Surgery in Kentucky: A Sketch. * You know this is going to be illuminating. How drunk was everyone involved? Were Kentucky doctors still bleeding patients in 1890? Are they […]
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