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A Wingnut In Full


Scott Walker is definitely part of the Republican “life begins at conception and ends at birth” faction:

His recently released budget proposes to repeal Wisconsin’s “contraceptive equity” law which stipulates that that health insurance plans in the state that cover prescription drugs cover contraception. The budget also eliminates the state’s participation in the Title V Maternal and Child Health program, which provides family planning services as well as other health services for both men and women, including prostate and cervical cancer screenings. Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin argues that such a move would mean the loss of four million dollars (of both state and federal funds) affecting 50 health centers in the state (PP receives about one quarter of Wisconsin’s Title V funds).

[Via Kay Steiger.]

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  • Xenocrates

    Just when you thougt the man could not possibly be a more irredeemable piece of shit, he goes and surprises you. I would like to personally thank each and every Wisconsin voter who is responsible for this worm sitting in the State House. How soon does that recall go through? And I don’t even live in Wisconsin…thank FSM.

  • Rob

    Well he also decided to raise some taxes, namely he eliminated tax credits that the poor receive.

  • asdfsdf

    Well obviously cancer treatment is murder. Cancer cells have souls too.

    • Warren Terra

      No, just teratomas. Some cancers aren’t totipotent and so don’t have souls; just think of them the way the same people who advance a “pro-life” policy agenda think about poor people and brown people.

  • Davis

    More evidence that the “pro-life” crowd doesn’t really give a shit about the fetus; it’s really all about controlling women’s sexuality and always has been. Remember, it all began with contraceptives in Griswold v Connecticut.

    • DrDick

      Pretty much the rule for these yahoos.

  • Joe

    Many “pro-life” people don’t support such stupid policies/politicians but as long as so many do & others who aren’t stupid vote for them out of some misguided “pro-life” sentiment, the disdain for the group as a whole will continue.

  • wengler

    When is the ‘women get your asses back in the kitchen’ law going to be passed?

    • Rob

      Right after the “Go Make Me a Sandwich Act” gets through

    • Bill Murray

      Immediately after the Femmes sans Chaussures act goes through

  • As vacuumslayer at Sadly, No, put it so elegantly:

    “Government regulation is for pussies. Literally.”

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