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Seems About Right

[ 32 ] March 18, 2011 |

Joining convicted domestic abuser Hiram Monserrate among the four New York state Democrats who voted against same-sex marriage was Carl Kruger, an alleged shakedown artist living with his same-sex partner in a mansion built for Gaspipe Casso.  The important thing to remember is that opponents of same-sex marriage believe in traditional morality and family values.

And to follow up my point from earlier today, I note that more than 4 years after Peter Beinart asserted that courts in New York did their state’s gay and lesbian citizens “a favor” Massachuseets still has same-sex marriage and New York still doesn’t.


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  1. Greco says:

    Domestic abuse is a traditional family value.

    • chris says:

      To quote Roy Zimmerman’s “Defenders of Marriage”:

      It’s the Lord’s holy word, as my second wife said to my third,
      That a family’s based on obligation and fear.

  2. Brad P. says:

    So has there been any study to see if politicians follow trends with the rest of the population for this sort of insane self-loathing?

    Politics seems like an excellent career for someone who has spent a life putting up false fronts.

    • NonyNony says:

      Politics seems like an excellent career for someone who has spent a life putting up false fronts.

      This is because politics is a field where the ability to lie so well that you actually believe what you’re saying when you know it is pure weapons-grade bullshit is rewarded by the voters. The guy who can look the most honest while telling the biggest whoppers gets the best reward.

      It points at another fundamental flaw of democracy – that citizens don’t really want to be told the truth – they mostly want someone who can convincingly tell them what they want to hear.

  3. Joey Maloney says:

    So what was your point? That Peter Beinart is wrong nearly as often as Bill Kristol?

    • joe from Lowell says:

      That’s a bit of hyperbole.

      Beinart is right about as often as can be attributed to random chance.

      Kristol is like a south-pointing compass.

      • Scott Lemieux says:

        And Beinart 2.0 is actually right with shocking frequency…

        • joe from Lowell says:

          You’re right.

          To his credit, he seems to have responded to the criticism of his sorry “I was wrong about Iraq for the right reasons” argument by doing some hard thinking and modifying his beliefs, instead of just digging in deeper.

          You don’t see that very much.

  4. Amanda in the South Bay says:

    How do I get paid big bucks to be a fucking concern troll?

  5. witless chum says:

    What the fuck is up with New York politics that an anti-gay marriage state senator can represent Brooklyn?

    And according to this it’s the kind of of district where the Democrat wins 25,000 votes to 9,000.

    And this tool doesn’t get a primary challenge from a liberal?

    Seriously, explain this one to me.

    • Brad P. says:

      For one, Democrat =/ Liberal. There are several strong democratic bases that do not have a history of being the most gay-friendly groups.

      Not saying thats going on here, just saying a democrat can win despite an anti-gay platform.

      • witless chum says:

        Yes, but the more heavily partisan a district is, the more left or right (or flagrantly corrupt) the politician usually is.

        Here in Michigan, the Democrats who represent Detroit proper have a poor, black, socially-conservative base, but they tend to be pretty socially liberal and vote as such in the state legislature. Poor Democrats may not like gays as much as rich Democrats, but they don’t tend to dislike them enough to change their vote over it.

  6. rea says:

    Some people are attracted to illicit sex precisely because it is illicit. You’re not going to find people who have the gay version of this kink supporting gay marriage–that would spoil their fun.

    • chris says:

      Not at all — it would *expand* their fun. With gay marriage comes the possibility of gay adultery. Right now it’s mere gay fornication, which may not even be criminal in New York anymore.

      (Well, technically you can commit gay adultery while married to a person of the opposite sex, and vice versa, but you pretty much have to be bisexual.)

  7. cpinva says:

    “i love mankind, it’s people i can’t stand.”

    Democracy would be great if it weren’t for people.

    i note that you let the mysogonist scuzbags that voted for these people off the hook. don’t. i must assume those that voted for them are just like them, and should be outed and shunned, by decent folk.

    • chris says:

      Right, because clearly voting for an elected representative means you agree with absolutely every one of their views. Otherwise, you’d just vote for the person on the ballot that you *do* agree with every one of their views. Duh!

      Less snarkily, there’s any number of reasons these people might have been considered better than the alternative (for example, there are lots of other issues in politics); it’s hard to say without examining the actual alternatives that actually were on the ballot.

      • cpinva says:

        only a pretentious, ill-informed (and, apparently, illiterate) idiot would write chris’s post. did you actually read any of the articles linked to this thread, or just go off on your stupid tangent?

        these people have a very public history of corruption, mental illness and domestic violence. what issue could any sane person possibly agree with them, enough to vote for them anyway? i exclude republicans.

        come back when you can actually make sense.

        again, don’t let the mysogonist, corrupt and violent voters off the hook.

    • NonyNony says:

      What chris said. I’ve cast my ballot over the years for many, many people who have done things I don’t agree with. It’s just that their opponents were always the worse option.

      You vote long enough, and you actually cast ballots that matter rather than protest votes, and it happens.

      • cpinva says:

        i’ve voted since carter, for many people who weren’t perfect, because no one is. i won’t be voting for hitler or stalin, regardless of their ability to get things done. not that i put this group of bozos in hitler & stalin’s class, but (hopefully) you get my point.

  8. Bill says:

    I’ve seen that house. The Mill Basin waterfront is so tacky

  9. Matt McIrvin says:

    The comments on that 2008 post make me sad–everyone’s assuming Prop. 8 will fail in California.

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