Month: March 2011

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Though it’s gotten relatively less play than the story about CIA boots on Libyan soil, annother NY Times report answered a crucial question today: whether NATO is backing the rebels (consistent with an invasion where humanitarian concerns are a smokescreen) or backing Libyan civilians (consistent with the R2P doctrine). A lot of discussion centered on […]
I’ll have a bigger piece about the subject next week, but as I’ve said before, to assert that presidential initiations of military force — whether wise or unwise — violate the Constitution strikes me as being as pointless and anachronistic as claiming that the federal government lacks the power to regulate the national economy. I’m […]
At the International Studies Association conference a couple of week’s back, both Rob and I were invited to join Stephanie Carvin’s round-table roasting Daniel Drezner for his new book Theory of International Politics and Zombies. Rob’s presentation refuted some of Drezner’s findings on the empirics; mine refutes one or two rather important assumptions as well […]

Michelle Rhee

On March 31, 2011

Would saying that her reputation is an utter fraud too strong? Perhaps, but I’m tempted to say it anyway. It’s amazing how much you can get out of bashing teacher’s unions even absen

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