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It probably goes without saying that the recent discovery by Republicans that once a party has won an election it should be able to pass any legislation it wants without any parliamentary gimmickry from the minority is seconded in particularly shameless form by Althouse (who, at least, is making no pretense to being anything but a Republican hack anymore, progress of a kind):

The fact is that the Republicans decisively won the governorship and both houses of the state legislature — probably with next to no votes from the people who came to the demonstration. If you’re asking — like Shilling — for the Republican legislators to listen to democracy, they should look at the last election, the people all over the state who voted for them and, presumably, for fiscal responsibility and shared sacrifice.

Ah, yes, don’t you remember during the health care debate when Althouse thundered constantly about how undemocratic it was for Republicans to use parliamentary gimmicks to thwart the party that won the presidency and both houses of Congress by substantial margins from passing its signature initiative? And when she said that “democracy” required the Democratic majority to ignore the reactionary teabagger faction, most of whom after all weren’t even Obama voters? Funny, neither do I!

And Althouse gets extra bonus hack points for using “shared sacrificein the new Republican sense of the term. Omitted: any sacrifice that Walker is demanding from a Republican constuency. Reason for omission: they don’t exist.

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  • DrDick

    I look forward to Ms Outhouse applauding when the governor guts her benefits and freezes her pay. She seems to forget that she is part of that Wisconsin public sector workforce she is lambasting. In her case, I will accept Little Wienie Al’s and Brad P’s contention that public sector employees are over compensated.

    • Winebox does claim that she stands to lose more than 10K on an annual basis, but she already makes well into 6 figures with tenure as far as I can tell.

      • davenoon

        What’s more, her blog likely earns her more than most of the public employees she’s ridiculing.

        • mark f

          Furthermore, “I’m losing $10k” is her answer to the question “Did Scott Walker create Wisconsin’s budget crisis as a means to the end of cutting the public unions’ collective bargaining rights?”

          I believe law professors have a term for that sort of response.

          • Pooh

            The term of art is “bullshit”, I believe.

  • Incontinentia Buttocks

    You still haven’t explained to us why we should listen to you, Scott, when Walker (and Althouse!) are much better known and presumably get paid far more than your puny $400,000 academic salary.

    • Tyto

      Indeed. Hasn’t the market spoken?

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  • TT

    “Omitted: any sacrifice that Walker is demanding from a Republican constuency. Reason for omission: they don’t exist.”

    Party of Rove, baby. The GOP is a gang of cynical dicks; also, the sun rose in the east today.

  • And wine does more than learning can, to explain the ways of Man to Ann.

    probably with next to no votes from the people who came to the demonstration.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but by Outhouse’s logic women should never have been given the right to vote because they never voted for the people who they asked for the right to vote.

  • Michael Drew

    What really does the work here is the “presumably.” Althouse can;t say Walker came to office with a mandate, even the wekest of madates, for ending public employee collective bargaining – because nothing was said about it in the campaign. Presumably my ass — that’s the whole point of ‘elections have consequences.’ Americans of all stripes had reasonable warning that Democrats wold be going for universal health care if they were voted into offic in 2008. Wisconsinits had no warning that this was coming: it was sucker punch. That’s why there was immediate, spontaneous blowback in the streets of ONE STATE *within days* of this proposal hitting the evening news hat dwarfed anything the Astroturfing National Tea Bagging Coalition (TM) could bring to Washington after weeks of planning.

  • gocart mozart

    Wisconsinits had no warning that this was coming: it was sucker punch.

    Well he did have an (R) after his name so presumably the voters were forewarned that he would govern like a dickhead.

    • Michael Drew

      INdeed, but there isn’t a state in the Union where 40% of the voters aren’t either dickheads themselves or deluded enough to want people with that letter after their names in office. And, as we all know, 2010 was something of a wacky year. MASSIVE national trends drove that election, and they drove it in Wisconsin so that the result skewed away from the real balance in the state. Then add on top of that a governor taking actions that he didn’t tell anyone even two weeks ago in his State of the State address he was going to take, and presto, you’ve got massive demonstrations, including not a few folks who voted for him thinking they might be getting actual fiscal constraint, not political games. I’m not saying I don’t regret the decision my state made, but I really don’t get this attitude that a few people seem to have (which, to be fair, you don’t explicitly express, but others have), where, hey they voted for him, they should shut up and take it. First, 45%+ didn’t, and they would have every right to show up and protest even policies that the guy said he would pursue if they wanted to, but here we have nothing less than a shocked and duped electorate letting their shock be known immediately and unequivocally. Why the hell shouldn’t that be going on?

      • mpowell

        I don’t think anyone here is upset about the demonstrations. This kind of point is more directed at the hypothetical defense of a vote for a Republican as, “well, we didn’t know this is what we were getting”. And the answer is, “no dickhead, I could have told you what you were getting if you were paying attention. Maybe I couldn’t have told you which animal that manure was going to be coming from, but I knew you would be eating shit one way or another if you elected a Republican”. The days of reasonable Republicanism are gone and people should know that by now. There will be some hacks out there (like Althouse) claiming that everyone should just shut up and take it now that the Republicans are in office, but that’s really a different thing.

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