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Right-wing bloggers have named Chris Christie “Conservative of the Year.” And, yes, I’d have to agree that demanding federal money for obligations you aren’t willing to fulfill and using taxpayer money to defend your ability to break contractual obligations without returning any benefits from said contract are pretty definitive examples of modern American conservatism.

But, at least, you have to admit that this behavior is motivated by a principled belief that taxpayer money shouldn’t be spent on frivolous boondoggles like “projects allowing commuters in your state to get to work.” Right?

With the Xanadu entertainment and shopping complex three years behind schedule and in need of an estimated $875 million to open, Gov. Chris Christie said Wednesday that it was time for the state to help resuscitate the project.

Yep, “Conservative of the Year.”

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  • PurpleGirl

    Ah, but he sure does love him real estate developers.

  • Matt

    If the state does invest in Xanadu, the governor said, “we have to become owners along with those who would operate and own Xanadu so that we can participate in the upside of that project.”

    Wait – wasn’t that OMGSOCSHALISMOMG!!! when we did it to save productive companies like GM? The teabaggers may take away King Tubby’s crown if they figure that out…

  • wengler

    So Republican voters like guys that waste hundreds of millions of dollars, set back public infrastructure 20 years, and make a cottage industry out of taping himself yelling at state and local employees.

    Sounds about right. Palin/Christie 2012.

  • Left_Wing_Fox

    Being an obnoxious shouty prick and ability to blame teachers unions for the malfeasance of O’Keefe’s frat boy mudslinging helps propel him to the top of the list.

  • Fighting Words

    Wait, “Xanadu Entertainment?” Does that include Olivia Newton-John?

    • Roger Willcall

      That was Citizen Kane.

  • Paul

    He effectively raised taxes too by suspending property tax rebates.

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  • Bill

    I’m so depressed by politics these days.


    Christie also raised NJ Transit bus fares by 25% and NJ Transit train fares by 15%. That is a huge tax increase for people dependent on public transportation. He along with the legislature failed to extend the state income tax surcharge on the wealthy in NJ which would have helped balance the budget. Instead money was also cut to every school district and municipality. Teachers, police, fire, and sanitation workers had to be laid off. But that is fine with Christie. Jon Corzine would have handled the budget crisis caused by decreased revenue in a fair and less hyterical or confrontational way.

    Christie is a bully and for some strange reason has it in for professional educators. His teachers at Livingston High School, where Christie’s mother worked, don’t understand where his anymosity is coming from. And, his antipathy toward school superintendants is equally strange. He begrudges them earning much less than a partner in a Law Firm or any CEO of even a modest size corporation.

    I could go on about how Christie has more people in his administration making over $100,000 per year than any NJ Governor. They didn’t help him when Christie lost $400,000,000 in Federal Aid to our schools. But, Christie is simply way over his head. Before being elected Governor he was elected to a single term as a Morris County Freeholder and lost re-election. Christie was only appointed US Attorney, with no prosecutorial experience, after raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for George W Bush in 2000. Christie is a hypocrite, a phony, and a fraud. He should be prosecuted for his misdeeds as US Attorney.

  • PSP

    Great. My tax money is going to pay for a billion dollar, garishly painted, mall and entertainment complex on a landfill next to the turnpike. But hey, Bergen county votes republican and apparently needs more malls. Meanwhile, the second most dangerous city in the country is laying off half its police force.

    And people who grew up here say making jokes about New Jersey isn’t fair.



  • TT

    For some reason, Republicans just like dicks, especially dicks who make a show of despising and sticking it to liberals, Democrats in general, and/or their suspected supporters. That’s much more important than any meaningful policy (apart from the caring and feeding of the Top 2%).


    If you have ever listened to Right Wing Radio and Faux News as do the majority of Americans, especially Repuglicans, there’s your answer. Until Congress restores the Fairness Doctrine in broadcasting, the electorate will continue get a one-sided version of current events.

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  • ploeg

    Y’know, the Xanadu entertainment and shopping complex might be in better shape if we actually made it easier for folks to get there, huh?

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