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Requiem For A Lightweight



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  • maxr

    I dunno, what Sanchez said was pretty stupid, but I’m not quite sure it’s worthy of being canned. Maybe a suspension and sensitivity training.

    • I don’t think you can sensitivity-train the anti-Semitism out of someone. You’re really underestimating the bigotry involved in statements like those he made.

      Plus, he’s a fucking doofus who sucked at his job. That plus blatantly expressed prejudice = yes, fire him.

  • Are we sure that he didn’t know this was coming before he gave the interview and now can pass himself off as some sort of martyr to political correctness?

    • cer

      This is possible. A couple of weeks ago Sanchez passive-aggressively retweeted someone’s tweet to him complaining about how someone else was getting some of his timeslot and he has been making suggestions that CNN has it in for him. I think it was growing increasingly apparent that CNN was easing him out. That said, I could see the part accusing the left of elitism and class/racial bias being calculated, I think it took a notably deranged turn with the “Jews control the media” thing.

  • Hmmm… Racist remarks followed by a flame-out from CNN. I sense Fox in his future.

    • Oh, you beat me to it. He might have to spend some time doing talk radio first, though.

  • Tom M

    The Sanchez clips from The Daily Show are great and if those are what got the guy steamed, he needs more than sensitivity training he needs a sense of humor. The taser incident, falling off the fishing boat like it was a cruise ship and the Galapagos Island flub are classic as is the Tiger Woods segue. The best is the one where he meant to say the annals of Biden lore but said anals. What an idiot.

    Tiger Woods segue

    Annals of Biden



  • Freddie

    Man, when I said that this blog was a hotbed of self-congratulations and reductive thinking, I sure was wrong!

    • Have a cookie.

    • DrDick

      Things slow over at Stormfront?

  • DrDick

    I certainly applaud CNN’s action in canning Sanchez for such overt racist speech. On the other hand, I find it interesting and revelatory that nobody is held accountable for even more inflammatory and bigoted comments about Muslims in the press and on TV.

    • dave

      That’s ’cause Mooslums don’t contr….

      OK, move along folks, nothing to see here.

      • DrDick

        I do not think comments like that actually help the cause much.

        • cer

          The fact that CNN continues to employ, say, Erick Erickson does not speak well for it.

          Interesting that Pat Buchanan’s anti-Semitism (plus racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.) has not yet gotten him fired at MSNBC.

          I absolutely think Sanchez deserved to be fired but it appears his primary fault in the eyes of the network was that he did not say these things under the cover of being a right-wing asshole who is there to enable a perceived “balance” of opinions.

          • DrDick


  • Before last week, I neither knew nor cared who Sanchez was. But there is simply no doubt he has been done an injustice. And it isn’t good news for American discourse on ethnic/racial relations.

    He complained (possibly wrongly) that Jon Stewart was being a bigot when Stewart made fun of him. His interviewer then said Stewart couldn’t be a bigot because he was Jewish. Sanchez thought this was ridiculous (and it is), and pointed out the Jews are a well-connected ethnic group within the media industry (which they are), and no comparison with Hispanics is reasonable (which it isn’t).

    This was then spun as his claiming that Jews control the media. He was then summarily fired, the one action that could do the most to feed anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. The left came out for Stewart and against Sanchez, for reasons that don’t seem to me to have much to do with principle.

    Yet again, America proves that talking about race and ethnicity is dangerous. That is highly unlikely to be helpful for America’s real racial/ethnic problems — which have to do with structure, not loose lips.

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