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Rally Tweeting


From a Daily Show writer this morning on Twitter at #rally4sanity:

“This is going to be insane.”

Other thoughts from the traveling twitterati:

“Holy fucking shit the metro crowd. Rally for sanity is the most neurotic thing I’ve ever seen.”

“It feels a little insane that I’m not attending the rally. Those are totally my people.”

“Zombies are coming. The undead are human too.”

“I had a dream that everyone at the party got tazed, but we all laughed about it afterwards on YouTube.”

My favorite:

“It’s going to be weird seeing a rally with correctly spelled signs.”

And from a Tea Party killjoy citizen expressing his opinion with reasonableness and also with wit on Twitter:

Your hangover begins November 3.

Follow the rally and add your own favorite tweets in comments!

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  • Left_Wing_Fox

    “Hyperbole is Murdering America”

    Nice. :)

  • micheyd

    A friend who is there reports seing the sign “HITLER= NAZI” Awesome, just awesome.

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  • Hanspeter

    Twitter hash to follow: #actualsigns

    “You either support false dichotomies or you’re against us.”

    Little girl with “I’m taking back my tea party”

    I Can See Reason from My House.

    People for responsible use of Hitler comparisons.

    BTW, I officially hate retweets showing up in search results.

  • jeer9

    I thought the rally was entertaining and probably very enjoyable for those in attendance. Stewart, though, still seems sadly unfocused in his appraisal of our political troubles, as if there existed some mushy middle of civility and reasoned argumentation that could resolve all these issues, from torture accountability to financial deregulation to fraudclosure, if only the corporate media and demagogues could be expunged from the conversation. He hasn’t figured out yet that the Democratic party is an active participant in the charade of democracy that the duopoly perpetrates and until people realize there is no hope coming from that side of the aisle such rallies are merely feel-good exercises in narcissism and utterly unthreatening to the oligarchs. While I admire Stewart and Colbert for their courage and tenacity during the dark days of the Chimp, this new emphasis on cordial disagreement only results in things like his recent pathetic interview of Condi Rice. Hey, we’ll talk about all the nasty, criminal behavior you were engaged in next time you’re on. But for now, buy her book. At some point the emphasis on politeness and good manners becomes indistinguishable from the sin it abhors.

    • Marek


  • jsmdlawyer

    “Make Awkward Sexual Advances, Not War.”


  • fleeting expletive

    My favorite sign was “Fear Gives Me a Boehner”. Full of Win!

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