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OK, He Staunchly Supports Bigotry, But He’s So Mavericky About It

[ 2 ] September 21, 2010 |

Shorter John McCain, justifying leading the filibuster against the repeal of DADT: “It’s outrageous to use a defense appropriations bill to deal with matters pertaining to the American military.”

I don’t mean to shortchange his multi-leveled hackery:  I also enjoy his arguments about how outrageous it is to “force” legislators to take positions through the highly undemocratic procedure called “voting.”

I should say, however, that some journalists have gazed deeply into John McCain’s soul and informed us that despite his relentlessly reactionary record on such issues, in his heart he totally supports gay and lesbian rights. I’m sure this will be very reassuring to the gays and lesbians who will face discriminatory discharges or who will be denied the opportunity to serve their country.

  • Alternate shorter McMaverick: You kw33rs get offa my lawn!

    in his heart he totally supports gay and lesbian rights

    The right to remain silent. The right to be neotard punching bags …

    No seriously, in the desperate desire to be lazy civil, a lot of people have decided that anything less than Westborrow Booptist level screeching or tying a guy to a fence post and beating him to death qualifies as support. Plus, he allows his wimmin to support GLB rights in public and everything, and they never have any bruises afterwards! So he must not be all that bad.

  • Bart

    Yes, he is a maverick. As opposed to John McCain Sr and John McCain Jr, Numero III crashed aircraft left and right.