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The Post-Kaus Era At Slate Marches On


The New, Improved Will Saletan notes that the American public officials who support criminaizing abortion are unprincipled, offering justifications that are completely incohrent. I could quibble that this set of positions does not merely reveal an underlying “we don’t really believe that the fetus is a human life” but an even stronger “we don’t believe that women are rational moral agents” position, but if a pundit is moving beyond a “contrarian” position on abortion, I’ll take what I can get!

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  • c u n d gulag

    In your article you wrote basically that ‘abortion is not divisive in Canada, but it is here.’
    The political right in Canada is different than the one here (though, they recently seem to think it’s a good idea to get more like us).
    Our right needed another good wedge issue besides Nixon’s ‘Southern Strategy.’ They needed something else besides being anti n****rs and hippies, and pro-business, to rebound after Watergate. Plus, they needed to somehow meld the religious right into politics, wisely realizing that these would be the hard-working shock troops every party needs to proselytize and also do the dirty and hard work.
    Abortion! Bingo! It was no longer described as a woman’s right to choose (there was also a backlash element to Women’s Lib), but killing a baby! KILLING BABIES!!! OMG! It was a great motivator to bringing people from churches into the political system. I also believe that it also helped change some of the messages in Christian churches, many of whom once tried to instill Jesus’s message of love and forgiveness. And that went out the window with abortion. You may love and foregive many things, but baby-killers?
    Oh, and if you ever really listen to the language against abortion, it’s never the nice little lily-white girls who are getting them, it’s the n****rs and s****s and other off-whites who are having them.
    I was in HS when Roe passed. I was a very aware student when it came to politics and national and international issues, and I don’t remember more than some token opposition to it. Certainly not the hysterical outcry drummed up a few years later in the late ’70’s early ’80’s.
    Republicans owe a huge debt to Nixon for his ‘Southern Strategy.’ They also owe a huge one to Reagan and his ‘Christian Strategy,’ who brought in the Christian Right via abortion. Then its anti-gay offshoot.
    And now here we sit. A declining nation where white people who are badly off economically vote against their own political interests because they can’t stand people of other colors, races and religions who are just as badly off as they are. Why” “‘Cause, if I can’t get it, why should THEY?” And, “‘Cause, you know, kids like my daughter ain’t the ones gonna need an abortion, it’s he brown kids across the track.” To sum up – “‘N I don’t want my tax dollars paying for nona o’that. No sir!”

    • wengler

      It must also be said that the Catholic Church has much more power here than in Canada. While most Catholics still vote for Democrats, the institution is still quite powerful, especially when they coordinate with crazy non-Catholic Christians.

      • Scott Lemieux

        Right, but that’s not the point. Abortion in the U.S. is more divisive because it’s more divisive, not because the Supreme Court intervened.

        • cer

          And the emergence of the religious right does not occur in with Roe, ferment can be found in the anti-Communist silliness in the 50s (which, yes, linked with issues of sexuality as well). And, of course, with rising anti-feminist sentiment. A lot of the religious right’s organizing happened around the ERA and it would be just as easy to blame the ERA for the rise of the RR. And just as wrong.

  • Davis

    So, if woman takes an abortion pill, she is performing an abortion. Victim and perp in one. Reminds me of the prosecutor who charged a 15 year old girl with child pornography for putting a nude picture of herself on the Internet. Or did she just email it to her boyfriend?

  • Jim Shirk

    Reminds me of the joke about the Texas Aggie that moved to Oklahoma and raised the average intelligence of both states.

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