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Reds win the NL Central.

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  • LOL, Colbert makes a joke involving Reese Witherspoon when Ross Douthat is his guest )

  • Woodrowfan

    YES!!!! Although I am not very confident about making it to the World Series, it was great to win the division. it’s nice to have a really good team to cheer for again…

  • Western Dave

    I may have to but aside my Philly based animosity for Scott Rolen. I realize he is in the playoffs again and he seems to have a knack for showing up and teams getting better and leaving and teams getting worse. I wonder if that’s reflected in his WAR.

  • Fighting Words

    Go Giants!

  • howard

    because i think it’s a better book than “ball four,” and because it’s about the reds winning the pennant unexpectedly, i want to seize this moment to again recommend jim brosnan’s “pennant race,” a diary of the 1961 reds’ upset pennant winners as written by the team’s right-handed bullpen ace.

  • efgoldman

    I think I’ll adopt the Reds for October, since my hapless Carmine Hose will be out on the golf course…

    That Joey Votto is a hell of a player.

  • urban meemaw

    To expand on Howard’s comment, I would also recommend Brosnan’s The Long Season (which covers his stint with the 1959 Cardinals). I still have the crumbling hard back edition I bought at a used book store in Long Beach, California in, oh, about 1963 or thereabouts at age 12. I love baseball books, and I rank The Long Season as one of the very best.

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