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To Know is To Hate?


I’m on the road so off the grid not infrequently, but I’ve settled down for a couple days in time to see the new Economist / YouGov poll on attitudes towards the proposed Cordoba House, and while amusing, it doesn’t really surprise.

Some highlights: 14% of Americans believe that mosques should not be permitted anywhere in the United States.  A clear partisan divide exists over both self-reported understanding of, and tolerance for, Islam.  Republicans are far more likely to claim an understanding of Islam either somewhat or a great deal than Democrats: 58.5% of Republicans compared to only 48% of Democrats.  Of course, this self-professed understanding doesn’t lead to tolerance; where 25% of Democrats have a somewhat or very favorable view of Islam, only 8.3% of Republicans share the same outlook.

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  • It’s not surprising to hear GOPers claim to understand Islam–they’ve been thoroughly briefed by Fox News and Pamela Geller about how Islam is an devil cult bent on world domination. And, obviously, Islam is not a religion of White People, so it’s like double evil.

  • Keeping in mind the Republican definition of the verb “to know” wherein claiming to understand Islam is a far cry from actually understanding it; a distinction, in fact, more Democrats are likely to appreciate, hence, more Democrats are likely to admit that they do not, in fact, have much of an understanding of Islam.

    • Right, if know=assuming they are all America-hating terrorist without having actually ever met a Muslim, then I guess they know. But claiming to know and actually knowing is obviously quite different.

  • Republicans are far more likely to claim an understanding of Islam either somewhat or a great deal than Democrats…

    Sounds like a clear case of the Dunning-Kruger effect to me.

    • SeanH

      This. Republicans understand that all Muslims desire solely to enslave every white man, woman and child into the worship of their moon god. What else do Republicans need to know?

  • Holden Pattern

    I don’t know much about Islam, but I know all about World Jewry! The Protocols of the Elder of Zion tell you all you need to know.

  • DrDick

    Simply another example of conservatives being certain in their ignorance. Most of what they “know” they got from Fox & co. and is not true. Progressives are simply more honest about their lack of knowledge.

  • Hugh

    Why should understanding automatically lead to tolerance?

    Understanding why, say, the structure of the Catholic Church makes it easy for pedophile priests emphatically does not mean we should tolerate it.

    And no I’m not arguing against the proposed Cordoba House. I’m pointing out that “if X really understood Y they’d be more tolerant” is a flawed line of reasoning.

    • DrDick

      True. The more I know about modern conservatives, the less I like them. The point holds, however, that most of what conservatives “know” about Muslims is of the same quality as what most Klansmen “know” about blacks.

  • They know the Muslims Want 2 Kill Us!

    Seriously, I feel confident in saying the average Homo Republicans believes he is an expert on everything. You’d get the same results if you asked about quantum physics, neurosurgery or the mating habits of dormice.

  • Davis (not the Davis above at 4:10pm)

    This whole issue is sickening. I fear that when the project moves forward, it will attract violence. Then we’ll have polls telling us how many believe they brought it upon themselves.

    • I’m not saying there’s NO chance the assholes who wank off at Pam Geller’s House o’ Hate would make their way to NYC, locate the center and start some shit, but I will say the chances are very, very, very slim.

      What’s far more likely to happen is they’ll beat the shit out of some random brown guy in their vicinity.

  • valatan

    I hate asking people what they think they know without a basic followup question.

    If you ask “How well do you know Islam?”, then the next question on your survey should be “How many pillars does Islam have?”

    • DocAmazing

      And how many divisions does the Pope have?

      • VJBinCT

        Five less than Islam has pillars. So if Islam has 27 pillars, then the pope should be able to invade southern Germany or Poland with impunity.

        • VJBinCT

          SEVEN if you don’t count the Swiss Guards and the clerics who ran the undersea tunnels to control the US government while JFK was president. I mistyped, actually knowing full well the T.E. Lawrence book. Sorry.

  • wengler

    They learned all about Islam at Glenn Beck University!

    • Bighank53

      Oddly enough, I’m not laughing at that.

  • Ginger Yellow

    “Of course, this self-professed understanding doesn’t lead to tolerance; where 25% of Democrats have a somewhat or very favorable view of Islam, only 8.3% of Republicans share the same outlook.”

    You’re reading a bit too much into the data, there. I have a very unfavourable view of Islam (and of Christianity and orthodox Judaism and Hinduism and Scientology and so on). But I absolutely believe they should be able to build places of worship on their own property, wherever that happens to be. Tolerance doesn’t mean having a favourable view.

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