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[ 4 ] August 1, 2010 |

I am shocked, shocked to learn that Howard Zinn, of all people, had leftist attitudes and associated with known leftists. I would also be stunned to learn that he may not have been entirely forthcoming with the FBI about such associations. Somebody should notify their local Tea Party chapter…


You forgot Pantload!

[ 7 ] August 1, 2010 |

Sir Charles on the midterm elections:

There really isn’t adequate space to address the extraordinary drop in American prestige that accompanied a war of aggression fought for bogus reasons, the use of torture as official U.S. policy, massive increases in poverty and inequality, and the world-wide economic collapse largely brought about by irresponsible American financial institutions.

And the current Republican response to this record of shame is to say give us another shot to make it all happen again.

Well, yes. But Sir Charles seems to have forgotten that we are living in the era of Domino’s Pizza, and that any minute now the GOP is going to “admit it screwed up” and then something something something NO MORE SOCIAMALISM!!!1!111!!EXCLAMATI0NP01NT1111!!!

Can We Get Rid of the 4th Amendment For You Too?

[ 10 ] August 1, 2010 |

Shorter Col. Mustard:   “Religious freedom, pluralism, and equality might be important American values, but if they might cause Osama bin Laden to say something snarky on a videotape, out the door they go!”

The extent to which Republican politics consists of ressentiment all the way down is becoming more widely known. In foreign policy, this leads to the dark irony that the policies they believe will upset Al-Qaeda couldn’t be doing more to play into their hands.  It should be obvious that conceiving 9/11 as part of a war between the United States and Islam is precisely what bin Laden wants, but the ADL and the wingnuts whose illogic they’ve decided to adopt wholesale have other priorities.

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