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Think the BP’s massive oil spill and the ensuing massive environmental and economic catastrophe represents a difficult problem? Obviously, you haven’t yet heard the solution posed by Mark Penn, Union Buster(TM):

On the BP crisis, he needs to get away from the posturing politicians and the environmentalists and get together with scientists, generals and big-time business people who have experience solving big logistical problems. Now is the time to call in the big brains, lock them in a room, and deliver every possible resource to shut the oil flow down; think Manhattan Project meets Independence Day, with fewer aliens and more eggheads.

Strange that Obama, unlike his otherwise sharp Democratic primary opponent, doesn’t think that analysis of this quality merits a 7 figure salary. Obviously, he doesn’t know what he’s doing…

…Brian in comments: “Maybe McCain could sit the well and the ocean down and say, “Stop the bullshit.””

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  • Bruce

    And of course, environmentalists are posturing and useless — but business people are “big time” and can handle this (as proven by the big timers at BP who went ahead with this project even though it broke their own safety guidelines).

  • Brian

    Maybe McCain could sit the well and the ocean down and say, “Stop the bullshit.”

  • Rick Massimo

    Now is the time.

    Not before, when the well first exploded.

    Not when they were thinking of drilling this well in the first place.


    Thanks, Mark!

  • Ed

    It isn’t an oil spill but an ongoing oil gusher.

    I hold no brief for Penn but it is now plain that letting BP take the lead and run the show has been disastrous.

    • witless chum

      Like Farley was saying the other day though, what would the real world advantages of that be? All I know about oil disasters is what I hear on NPR, but it really sounds like there isn’t much to be done at this point, other than drilling reserve wells.

      Hopefully, BP and their shareholders are going to get theirs, but there’s not a need to hurry on that, especially if it won’t make BP likely to step livelier on stopping the gusher.

      The time for Obama to do something was when he appointed the head of the agency that oversees such things and apparently didn’t appoint someone with the capacity to free it from captivity to our benevolent energy-providing overlords in 13 or so months.

      • Ed

        You’re assuming that BP is eager to stop the gusher. They may want to stop it but it’s beginning to look as if they were trying to do so without sacrificing the well and the ability to catch oil. Their interests do not coincide with ours and never have.

        This notion that we have to make nice to BP or BP will stop trying to help us I think is pretty funny. I guess the US government really is a pitiful, helpless giant after all.

  • I bet Mickey Kaus would be totally on board with this!

  • ChrisS

    environmentalists and get together with scientists

    Speaking as an environmental scientist … the opinion that this is pretty much an unmitigated disaster is a widely held belief in my circles. Granted, one does not need to be a scientist to support environmental protection, but if the politicians listened to environmentalists more and business people less, unmitigated ecological disasters would be less likely to occur in the first place.

    Eh, I guess when presented with any opportunity to bash a hippie it’s too hard to pass up.

  • DrDick

    get together with scientists, generals and big-time business people who have experience solving big logistical problems

    Dear Asshat Penn,

    Please present any empirical evidence that generals (see Iraq & Afghanistan) or corporate executives (see Wall Street collapse, Exxon Valdez, etc.) have any fucking clue what the hell they are doing.

  • Halloween Jack

    Independence Day, FFS. Because all it should really take is Jeff Goldblum with a laptop.

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