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History’s Greatest Victim


Shorter Roman Polanski: The only way to obtain justice for the woman I raped when she was a 13-year-old is to let me off for pleading guilty and then fleeing the jurisdiction, although if you look carefully you’ll notice no specific allegation that any agent of the state did something illegal, let alone that I would have been unable to vindicate actual legal rights had I remained in the jurisdiction.

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  • muddy

    Perhaps he could agree to a massive fine, one so massive that he could not pay it all and his apologists could chip in to help him out.

  • Sophist

    As stirring a cri de coeur as I have ever read. Truly, my very soul weeps at the injustice.

  • alisonrose

    You know, I really try to be a pacifist, but good lord do I ever want to kick the crap out of this monster.

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