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Authoritarian Who Despises American Constitutional Values of the Day


Holy Joe Lieberman, America’s last honest man and second most important arbiter of National Integritude after Bill Bennett.   (See also here and here and here.)

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  • Davis

    Your first link, it is the broken.

  • DP

    Holy Joe really stepped in it this time. He’s another in a long line of dopes who swear to uphold the Constitution then fail to do so.

  • As Matt Yglesias says,

    Stripping people of their citizenship sounds bad, but I believe the Obama administration asserts the right to have citizens assassinated which seems like a more drastic measure.

    But that’s how this sort of discourse works, isn’t it? Notionally left-of-center governments can go as far as they want with authoritarianism, austerity, and endless war, and liberals will just channel whatever discomfort them might feel into Lieberman, Jonah Goldberg, the Tea Parties, etc.

    SEK — who’s almost a parody of liberalism when he isn’t writing funny text adventures — took this sort of thing to its logical extreme the other day in his post on Doonesbury: Some people have argued that Gary Trudeau has turned sympathetic depictions of soldiers into what is in effect a defense of the war, but …. Hey, look over there, it’s Day by Day!

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