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Happy Birthday to Us!


This blog went live five years ago today. I have updated our FAQ to reflect the changes since the last update of the FAQ. As always on these occasions, I’d like to thank the commenters, the lurkers, the trolls, all of the bloggers who have linked to us over the years, and everyone else who has spent even a bit of their valuable time at Lawyers, Guns and Money. We deeply appreciate, and we all thank you for making LGM what it is today.

In the interest of adding a crass commercial element to this touching moment, if you’re a wealthy social maladroit who can only express sentiment through money, we have options for you! You can purchase any number of fine LGM products through our Cafe Press store; just click the Elmo humping cat on the right sidebar. If you don’t want any of our crappy products, you can donate directly by clicking on the “donate” button, also on the right sidebar. If you’re only interested in supporting one LGM blogger (examples might include “That Farley is a moral idiot; I don’t want my money going to him,” or “I like LGM, but I’m worried that if I donate, my money might end up in the hands of Canadian terrorists”) the right sidebar also contains links to each blogger’s Amazon wish list.

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