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…apparently a Dodger. Seems like the Sox will still get Bay; at a glance seems like an OK return for the Bucs, although I’m not sure what Moss’s upside is.

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  • I’ll be the first to disclaim expertise, but it sounds pretty good for the Bucs. Moss seems to be 295/337/462 in the majors this year at age 24, and they need someone to play LF the rest of the season. Of four players the lowest upside seems like Hansen, and even he seems to be able to throw in the 90s.
    Sad to see Bay go, though.

  • Joe Sheehan seems to like it for the Pirates (says they made out “Like the winning quarterback at the postgame kegger”), because of LaRoche, even though he figures the rest of them are low-upside.

  • UberMitch

    So ends the Manny Ramirez era in Boston. I actually saw the strangest thing about ten days ago when the Sox were in Anaheim. I was at the Saturday game of the series, the Beckett start. After the game was over, I was walking out the main exit from the the stadium behind home plate. Then, Manny came walking out through the same public gate, surrounded by a crowd of security guards. He was wearing civilian clothes, sunglasses, and earbuds, and was completely ignoring the kids seeking autographs. He must have passed about five feet away from me. He is, as you might expect, enormous.
    Then, he was lead into the public parking lot, where he got into a non-descript car, and drove himself away.
    I remember thinking “So, did he just like, quit the team or something?” On reflection, I think maybe he wasn’t around to take the team bus from the hotel for whatever reason, and simply obtained a car somehow, drove himself to the park, and didn’t know what else to do but park in the public lot and walk in the front door or something.
    The man certainly could hit.

  • infrequency

    I’d rate this an A- for the Pirates (since those are all solid prospects, which plenty of), a B+ for the Dodgers (contingent on them making the playoffs, which this will likely do, depending on who Torre puts in the lineup), and a B for the Sox (I’ll average a B- for 2008 and a B+ for 2009).
    Bay will replace much of Manny’s production (though none of his presence, for good and ill), but this whole drama prevented the Sox from improving in their real areas of need at SS, catcher, and in the pen.

  • Jay B.

    Moss is a 4th or 5th outfielder. Which means he’ll probably start for the Bucs for the next three or four years. I actually think Hansen could be the gem there. He’s got great stuff, but a 10 cent head. If he gets it down (and he’s only 25), he’ll be super tough.
    Manny forced the Sox’s hand and they did well to get Bay.

  • I can’t see any other comments now, but Osoria got DFA’d to make room for the new guys. That alone makes this deal a huge win for the Buccos.

  • Who cares? Nobody’s beating the Angels this year.

  • JoshA

    Moss is good. He’s a good pickup.
    Hansen, OTOH, has a great slider, but he freaks out when he gets in trouble and gets rocked.

  • Matt

    Is it just me or is haloscan not working today? I can’t see comments no matter what browers I use, both at home and when I was at work.

  • Marek

    The Sox made lemonade out of lemons here. Considering the fact that everyone knew they _had_ to get rid of Manny (in their view; as far as I’m concerned they could have toughed it out with him), getting Jason Bay for this year and next, and giving up cash and non-impact players (aside from Manny) was pretty good.
    As always, we won’t know how good this trade is until we find out how the prospects do.

  • Here in Boston, the only one I’m sad to see go is Moss. He’s got great potential. Hansen is someone that’s been talked about for years, but every time he’s up he’s totally hit or miss. As for Manny, I’ll miss his bat, but not his attitude or his lackadaisical defense.

  • Moss isn’t really projected to be anything special – just a good fourth outfielder type… though from watching him, I’d say he’s got a pretty good chance to be on the high side of that. Kind of like David Murphy from last year’s sox trade… And Hansen’s still a mystery – I suspect he’ll be one of those guys who has a better career after 30 than before. He can make good pitches – but he never seems to make three of them in an at bat… He’s a guy I’d be willing to take a chance on.
    Getting Bay for Manny is a gift, as far as I’m concerned. Manny has come back to the pack as a hitter – that’s Bay, but with some defensive skills and a third the salary. Getting Manny has to be a gift for the Dodgers, though it might be interesting to see what their outfield looks like…It can’t be as scary as seeing Ken Griffey back in center field, though…

  • NBarnes

    Manny for Bay would be a steal for the Sox. Manny, Hansen, and Moss for Bay… eh. I need to see the cash numbers.

  • Long Live Doug Frobel

    Oh please, this isn’t good for the Pirates. If a prospect pans out, that just means they’ll trade him for another prospect someday.

  • LLDF, Cam Bonifay would trade players who’d made it for prospects. Dave Littlefield would trade players who’d made it for completely random people. Some hope that Neil Huntington, having actually screwed the best deal out of the people who were on the market, might get to keep any of these players if they get to be good.
    (Matt, you’re right; at the moment I can’t even see the comment I’m responding to.)

  • Curses! Haloscan breaks the one time I contribute something original! Now no one will know how cool I am!

  • DivGuy

    The big prospect here is LaRoche (ranked #19 and #31 by BA in 2007 and 2008), a 3B who already projects as average, with power potential as good as anyone in the minors. He’s recovering slowly from a thumb injury, and there’s a risk he might have lost his power, but if LaRoche can regain it, he’s got a few All-Star games in him.
    Morris and Hansen are both pitchers with good stuff, and some chance to harness it and become good pitchers in the future.
    Moss is nothing special – he only gained power in 2007 at the expense of a big drop in contact ability. While strikeouts don’t matter much in the major leaguer, they’re a big warning sign in a minor leaguer because strikeouts increase at the fastest rate of any stat in the move from AAA to the majors – if you strike out a lot in the minors, and your name isn’t Ryan Howard, you’ll struggle to hit .250 in the majors. He can probably give the Pirates some 340/440 seasons, which is reasonably averageish (good glove for a corner, too), but he’s not an important part of the deal.

  • Mike T

    I don’t know anything about this Moss the Pirates got back, but everyone was calling Nate McLouth a 4th outfielder for years.

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