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Shameless, Fear-Mongering Jagoff of the Day

[ 0 ] June 30, 2008 |

Holy Fucking Joe.

Whenever election season rolls around, I remind my students that the “Vote for Xor you’ll die” meme has been around in the US since at least 1824, when John Quincy Adams the House of Representatives successfully fended off Andrew Jackson’s first bid for the presidency. During the campaign, Adams’ partisans used a somewhat infamous tune called “Little Know Ye Who’s Comin’,” which includes the following warning to the faithful:

Little know ye who’s comin’
If John Quincy not be comin’
Fire’s comin’, swords are comin’
Pistols, guns and knives are comin’
Famine’s comin’, famine’s comin’
Slavery’s coming, knavery’s comin’
Fears are coming, tears are comin’
Plague and Pestilence’s comin’
Satan’s comin’, Satan’s comin’
If John Quincy not be comin’

With any luck, the McCain Girls will yank this one from the archives before too long.