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It certainly would be nice if this holds; Roper has looked very solid, and it would be good to end the season on such a positive note.

…Ah, now 39-14; I am becoming mildly hopeful…

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  • Mojo

    With a final score of 56-21 I think the Ducks have a good chance of winning so long as they don’t make too many mistakes during the flight home.

  • Kent

    Yes, some of your readers may laugh now and mock the “what ifs,” but that Oregon team today was a QB (Dixon) away from the National Championship game. Had the season-ending injuries of Paysinger, Dixon, Johnson, Colvin and the MLB just been slightly less…well…season-ending, that team would have been well on its way. South Florida didn’t even deserve to be on the same field as Oregon.

  • ligedog

    Don’t forget the fact that Stewart was pretty injured the last few games of the season. If he was able to get 100 yards a game in the Dixon-less games, let alone 253, you might have seen Roper start in the championship game!

  • Kent

    Exactly. What’s more, he was the “only” offensive player worth a shit and defenses knew to key on him. Hell, just a healthy Dixon and this team would’ve had one loss. And yes, I’m saying that. The final three games were v. a crappy UCLA, a crappy UA and a mediocre OSU (at UO). All teams in football have injuries; Oregon’s injuries just happened to be season-ending AND to key players. I was proud of the team’s effort yesterday.

  • bryan

    I agree, Mr. Roper came very close to unmasking Jack Tripper’s masquerade this season and I look forward to his eventual success.

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