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Things I Have Learned. . .


in my travels thus far:

1. There are many among us who do not understand that driving in the blind spot of a U-Haul truck is poor policy. Idiots.

2. The booze at the Billings, Montana Holiday Inn bar is cheap and effective.

3. Montana is called “big sky country” for a reason.

4. The Missoula Mavericks, a Rookie league affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks, ride around in a crappy old bus.

5. I-90 is much better than I-84 or I-80. This is true not simply because of the mountain scenery (indeed, I have a great affection for the stark Utah desert), but also because of the number of listenable radio stations along the way.

6. A fully loaded U-Haul truck CAN go 75 MPH up the Rocky Mountains. I’m glad that my responsibility for the vehicle ends on Tuesday.

7. Ten minute naps at rest stops can prevent disaster.

8. If one is to be measured by the quality of his or her friends, I am in very good standing. Thanks particularly to madryantm and gmack for helping load my truck.

9. A cell phone can be a wonderful companion on long drives, particularly if you have friends in Seattle and Reykjavik.

10. Marketing is the most advanced science of early 21st century America. It is the ability to sell that we bequeath upon the world and upon our descendents. More on this later.

Tomorrow: Council Bluffs, Iowa.

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