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This is the grave of the traitor Matthew Maury. Born in 1806 to an elite Virginia family near Fredericksburg, Maury wanted nothing more than to join the Navy. But after his older brother died of yellow fever while in the Navy, his father forbade it. However, the young elite had plenty of connections and managed […]


On October 17, 2012

After last week’s VP debate, everybody and her damn brother asked me about the Paul Ryan “Navy is smallest since World War I” line.  And so I decided to devote this week’s Dip

Pivot Redux

On June 5, 2012

Yesterday I talked East Asia policy and naval policy on the Alyona Show: The howling toddlers, again, are entirely my fault. Critics should take account of how rare it is to have a discussion of steal

Hillary Clinton spoke at the United States Naval Academy on Tuesday, touching on relations with North Korea and China. In light of the failure of the latest DPRK test, these comments were of some interest.  More important to my mind, however, was the extent to which Clinton adopted the Navy’s framework for thinking about US […]


On May 30, 2011

This wouldn’t have been my first choice: John F. Kennedy will have a second aircraft carrier named after him. The Navy announcement came Sunday, on what would have been the president and World W

My latest WPR column is about ongoing political unrest in Haiti: Ideally, the U.S.-led intervention was meant to go down as a Western-hemisphere version of the 2005 tsunami relief operation, in which the U.S. Navy saved thousands of lives and contributed to stability in the wake of disaster. During that effort, the U.S. military demonstrated […]
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