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On September 13, 1932, the Amalgamated Clothing Workers led a successful strike of garment workers in Baltimore. This strike was a sign of the growing organizing of the 1930s that would eventually change the world for much of the American working class. The garment industry was decline in Baltimore even before the Great Depression. In […]
On June 3, 1900, the International Ladies Garment Workers Union formed when delegates from 11 local unions of garment workers from New York, Newark, Baltimore, and Philadelphia met to form a larger unions. The ILGWU would be a major player in American unionism over the next four decades, representing workers in some of the most […]
On September 27, 1875, striking textile workers in Fall River, Massachusetts engaged in a bread riot as the workers were forced to return to their job or face shipment to the state’s poor farm. This strike and incident was a sign of transitioning gender roles among the British immigrant workers who had come to Fall […]
M.T. Anderson has an excellent essay placing the tragedy in Bangladesh, now with over 400 dead, into its proper historical context Again and again we see the same pattern, which stretches back to the original hiring of rural New England girls to operate the first spinning and weaving machines. The girls were delighted, for the […]
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