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Ten years ago the SCOTUS ruled that executing mentally retarded people was unconstitutional, but it did so in a fashion that allowed the states a lot of practical leeway in regard to implementing this policy. Characteristically, Texas has done a judicial end run around the decision, with the result that, if a stay isn’t granted, […]

A Partial Victory

On February 26, 2010

You may remember the case in which the Texas sentenced a man to death after a trial in which the judge and prosecutor were literally in bed together, and the state’s abominable appellate courts

“With Me As Your Law…Talkin’ Guy, Your Railroad to the Death Chamber is Ready!” It’s bad enough that various state officials conspired to murder Cameron Todd Willingham based on worthless junk science and the implausible testimony of a mentally ill jailhouse snitch. But apparently one reason that they were able to get away with it […]
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