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A couple weeks ago, I discussed a fantasy world where not only did the Democrats win the trifecta, but I argue that they should use this power to redress institutional biases in the US Senate and the Supreme Court. There’s a reasonable chance for the trifecta, and likewise a decent chance for statehood for DC, […]

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On July 8, 2019

Lots of Americans have slaveholding ancestors. The question for the present is what do you do to make up for that fact. In the case of Mitch McConnell, you double down on your family past. Senate Majo

I was prescient yesterday by saying the only answer for Georgetown was to pay reparations for descendants of its slaves. The New York Times editorial board calls for a very specific form of reparation: Such denials are impossible in the harrowing history of slavery at Georgetown University that Rachel Swarns recounted recently in The Times. […]
Greg Grandin calls for a moral movement equivalent to abolitionism in favor of undocumented immigrants. He then makes the case for reparations for undocumented workers. What’s missing from the calculations is the value that their labor contributes to the US economy, a good part of which is uncompensated. I asked Suresh Naidu, an economist at […]
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