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On March 3, 1865, Congress established the Freedmen’s Bureau to adjudicate relations between white planters and the now-freed slaves in the South, especially around labor issues. A potentially excellent idea, the Freedmen’s Bureau ran ashore on the rocks of a number of 19th century problems, including a lack of funding, that many of the appointees […]
The entire point of slavery was a controllable labor force. So what happened when that labor force became free in 1865? Southern planters wanted to bring in the Chinese to replace their Black slaves! Efforts to recruit white labor had been hampered by the low wages and dangerous conditions on the plantations. The leaders of […]

Cancel Culture

On August 11, 2020

As Keri Leigh Merritt and Chris Richardson point out, the real American cancel culture has been and continues to be white supremacy. Yet just as these biracial governments began to enact real change i

Michelle Goldberg writes some important things about what connects the anonymous “senior administration official” op-ed to the fact that Kavanaugh is almost certain to be confirmed. You’ve seen the line of argument before, but Goldberg makes it exceptionally well. Since this dystopian regime began, I’ve wondered how Republicans who collaborate with Trump despite knowing he’s […]
This is the grave of Claude Bowers. Born in 1878 in Westfield, Indiana, Bowers became a journalist in Terre Haute as a young man. Self-taught, Bowers never went to college but devoured any book he could find. He rose in this world, becoming an editorial writer for the New York World in 1923 and then […]
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