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Indeed.  At least I rest easier knowing that the English racist / fascist set couldn’t organize the proverbial piss-up in a brewery.  Some further internal dissent can be found here. The title above appears in The Times coverage of this event, where the English Defence League kicked off their promised season of anti-Muslim demonstrations in […]


On July 10, 2008

With my vacation to the Midwest at last complete, it’s time to face the immense despair that usually accompanies my return home. For starters, I’m furious that Jesse Helms decided to surre


Black in America: Still Better than Living in a Mud Hut

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On March 26, 2008
Now that the Florida legislature has apologized for slavery, the White Conservative Monologue on Race will certainly achieve new heights of sophistication. Meantime, this poor fellow appears to have done gone and pooped himself: Far as I am concerned, many Blacks in the US ought to be thankful that no matter how their ancestors got […]
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