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Black in America: Still Better than Living in a Mud Hut


Now that the Florida legislature has apologized for slavery, the White Conservative Monologue on Race will certainly achieve new heights of sophistication. Meantime, this poor fellow appears to have done gone and pooped himself:

Far as I am concerned, many Blacks in the US ought to be thankful that no matter how their ancestors got here they are better off in the US than in some shiitehole in Africa, eating scarps of bread, swatting flies and living in mud huts using arrows and clubs to hunt their food.

I suppose there’s not much point in — oh, hi there, Von Helsing from Moonbattery. What’s that, you say? “Charlie Crist wants to pay people for being black?” Why, that’s possibly the most preposterous notion —

Oh, sorry. Do continue.

Possibly the most preposterous notion to come from the radical Left is that blacks should be given free money expropriated by force from everyone else as a reward for having ancestors who were given a hard time — just like the ancestors of every human being on the planet. I won’t insult the reader’s intelligence by explaining the absurdity of thinking this unjust and profoundly moronic concept would improve race relations.

Mmmm, somehow I think insulting your readers’ intelligence might actually be a steeper challenge than you think.

Just to clarify the current state of The Conversation, I offer an important graphic aid. Pictured below: (a) ordinary human being enduring a typically hard time; (b) non-African-living black men from Indiana who didn’t live in mud huts.

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