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Shorter Verbatim Patrick Pexton: “I spent a couple of days last week talking to Social Security experts across the ideological spectrum. Some, mainly those on the left, didn’t like the story, while those on the right did. But some in the middle, like Jonathan Cowan of the Third Way, declared it realistic and on point.” […]

Politics 101

On May 23, 2011

If NY-26 has taught us anything, it’s that it would take Mark Penn-level incompetence to screw up the political gift that even remotely marginal Republican legislators gave their prospective Dem

I’m Serious!

On April 7, 2011

Liberals are being informed that we need an “alternative” to the Ryan plan to demonstrate our fiscal seriousity. Well, I have one! It’s the same as Cole’s: The Ryan/GOP Plan, a

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