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On the off-chance that you’re not sufficiently depressed and/or horrified at the direction the Republican party is taking in 2019, here’s a dispatch from LGM’s Ohio bureau: Back in July, the Republican-controlled Ohio state legislature passed an energy bill, HB6. The bill has four key components. First, it added a surcharge to every ratepayer’s bill […]
The opioid epidemic is leading to prosecutors seeking to throw everyone in prison. All this did during the crack epidemic is destroy black communities and radically increase the nation’s prison population at an enormous cost to taxpayers. It will be no different this time around, except for the possibility that more people will care since […]
On September 19, 1977, the Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company shut down its operations, laying off approximately 4100 workers. This event, which became known as Black Monday, was emblematic of the deindustrialization decimating the Youngstown economy and dooming it and cities like it to long-term decline and entrenched poverty it has not recovered from today. […]

If Not You, Then Who

On September 26, 2014

As in Ferguson, the combination of aggressive police tactics and racism once again proves not only toxic, but fatal: The police officer who shot dead a young black man in a Walmart store in Ohio as he

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