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If Not You, Then Who

In General
On September 26, 2014
As in Ferguson, the combination of aggressive police tactics and racism once again proves not only toxic, but fatal: The police officer who shot dead a young black man in a Walmart store in Ohio as he held an unloaded BB rifle had less than two weeks earlier received what prosecutors called a “pep talk” […]
On April 12, 1934, workers at the Electric Auto-Lite Company in Toledo walked off the job in a strike that united unionized labor and the unemployed, creating a social movement that scared capitalists around the nation, helped spur more substantial labor legislation, and left two workers dead after a five day battle between strikers and […]


On March 13, 2014

I look forward to Republicans discovering the interstates are a socialist program and thus Interstate 5 Brought to You by Microsoft can be a pothole-ridden road that would make no nation proud: “

My criticism of most 3rd party political campaigns are well known. I see them, personified by the Nader campaigns, as quixotic attempts every four years to show left-wing anger with the Democratic Party but completely lacking any legitimate political strategy, movement-building skills, or long-term plans. They appear and disappear and nothing happens during the election […]
Unlike Sady Doyle, I don’t think the incredibly harsh Ohio abortion restrictions are a surprise at all: And yet, Kasich’s restrictions are unapologetically out-there. Overnight, the nation’s political barometer has become an anti-choice fanatic’s wet dream. Anyone seeking an abortion will be forced to submit to a state-mandated ultrasound—and to pay for that ultrasound after […]

Crazy Time

On January 13, 2013

1. Montpelier, Ohio decides to arm their school custodians. “Sitting back and doing nothing and hoping it doesn’t happen to you is just not good policy anymore. There is a need for schools

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