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My official, rational, considered position is that Evan Bayh’s retirement is a bad thing, given the near certainty that he will be replaced by a Republican with a much worse voting record. My emotional reaction is that it’s hard to be that upset about a quintessential centrist wanker leaving the World’s Worst Deliberative Body. …and […]

Heckava Job, Baucus

On September 16, 2009

You’ve found the sweet spot; a compromise bill that everyone to the left of Snowe and to the right of Jay Rockefeller can support. I have no idea if Rockefeller would really vote against this bi

Saletan Strikes!

On November 18, 2007

The one thing that’s fairly clear is that William Saletan doesn’t understand the most compelling extant critiques of linking ethnicity with IQ. I’m unsure of two things, however. Fir

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