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Tonight’s film is a treat. Oscar Micheaux’s 1919 film Within Our Gates is the earliest surviving film by an African-American director. This version does not have sound, but honestly, if you put any classical or jazz album on while playing this, it will add a lot to the experience. This is my experience anyway with […]
So….tonight’s entry is perhaps a bit disturbing. Basically, in the 1940s, General Motors made a bunch of short films concerning animals doing funny things. I’m not real sure where they were shown, perhaps as shorts before feature films. In any case, one of the classics, such as it is, is this battle for the Pussyweight […]
As a labor historian and scholar of the timber industry, I’m fascinated with the self-documentation of work and especially logging. This is an edited version of The Incredible Forest, a documentary produced by the Canadian timber firm MacMillan Bloedel sometime around 1970. This is a fairly typical version of the mythology the timber industry told […]
The first presidential speech with synchronous sound was this address by Calvin Coolidge in 1924. It is astounding how boring this is. Now, if you had told me that a Calvin Coolidge speech would be boring, I would have believed you. What’s amazing how that, even given my prior belief, this is so much more […]
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