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When racists talk about “protecting our borders” and stopping immigrants from coming to the U.S., it’s the biggest act of intentional self-denial and ignorance in history. Nearly every reason for migration from Mexico and Central America is directly related to the United States, even if the U.S. is not wholly responsible. When we dump our […]
We are living in a renaissance of historical writing. There’s always been a good market for popularly written histories, but that market consisted of books on presidents and wars written for a white, male, conservative reading audience. That’s not going away of course. But what has developed in the 21st century is an alternative market […]
Victor Paz Thomas Field’s new book on the Alliance for Progress in Bolivia demonstrates just how comfortable America’s Cold War foreign policy establishment was with dictatorship as its preferred method of rule in Latin America. Assuming that Latin America needed American-driven development more than anything else and that communists were both anathema to American foreign […]

Robert White, RIP

On January 17, 2015

Getting my Ph.D. at the University of New Mexico, I became deeply exposed to the Latin American left and its American supporters. Mostly this was good, but one of the arguments I was never comfortable

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