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The ISIS Conundrum

On September 17, 2014

Lance Mannion has a very thoughtful essay on the difficulties of being a liberal trying to figure out what to do about ISIS. Read it. I agree with it. I have no idea what to do either. Nothing is prob

Iraq #slatepitch

On June 13, 2014

Reihan Salam argues that the U.S. should never have withdrawn its troops from Iraq. The next few days (weeks?) are going to be insane. Can we make a running list of writers to never take seriously aga

Hugh Gusterson has an excellent article on the collapse of the Iraqi university system from 1991 on: While American troops guarded the Ministries of Oil and the Interior but ignored cultural heritage sites, looters ransacked the universities. For example, the entire library collections at the University of Baghdad’s College of Arts and at the University […]
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