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Gbago gone: Forces of president-elect Alassane Ouattara arrested outoing President Laurent Gbagbo at his residence in Abidjan on Monday, after an assault on the compound that involved French and U.N. troops. Reuters reported that 30 tanks made their way from the French military base toward the neighborhood where Gbagbo resides. The battle that followed has […]
There’s a lot of interesting stuff out on the utility of a no fly zone over Libya; I’d recommend Spencer, David Axe, Adam Elkus, and Magnus to start. The operational details are actually pretty important, because the political impact of any effort to enforce a no fly zone depends on decisions to pre-emptively suppress the […]

Burma Revisited

On August 6, 2008

Three months ago, Robert Kaplan and (to a lesser extent) George Packer decided to try to use Burmese cyclone victims as props in Humanitarian Intervention III: Objective Burma! The argument was that S

A Couple Thoughts on Invading Burma

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On May 14, 2008
1. It’s a terrible idea. 2. It’s a terrible idea because… The problem with Burma right now is that the civil service infrastructure is by turns unable and unwilling to manage the disaster that resulted from the cyclone. Offers of foreign assistance are dangerous, because they put the inability of SLORC to handle the crisis […]
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