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The Animas Mine Waste Spill

In General
On August 10, 2015
Colorado’s Animas River suffered a pollution episode late last week, when an EPA effort to deal with mine waste backed up behind an underground dam actually breached it instead, leading to an acid spill into a tributary of this beautiful river. The EPA screwed up here, but they are not the real problem, as Jonathan […]


On November 16, 2013

This is not an acceptable decision from the EPA during a Democratic administration: Today, the Environmental Protection Agency allowed the Kentucky Department of Environmental Protection to change how

Too often, including in the comments at this blog, the idea that labor unions and environmentalists have irreconcilable goals goes unchallenged. But there is in fact significant common ground. Over the Keystone XL Pipeline, the Transit Workers Union, health care unions, and other unions opposed its construction on grounds of both environmental health and the […]
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