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This is the grave of the unidentified victims of the Windsor Hotel Fire. The Windsor Hotel opened on 5th Avenue and 47th Street in New York in 1873. It was an elite hotel, the kind of place the rich would actually live. It was advertised as “the most comfortable and homelike hotel in New York.” […]

Triaging Climate

On January 24, 2019

We are well past the point of saving the planet in any way that keeps much of its ecological integrity or species. We are at the point that we can, at best, triage the climate to make things as least

Burma Revisited

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On August 6, 2008
Three months ago, Robert Kaplan and (to a lesser extent) George Packer decided to try to use Burmese cyclone victims as props in Humanitarian Intervention III: Objective Burma! The argument was that SLORC, the junta that controls Burma, was so inept and mendacious that a military assault to save disaster victims was both justified and […]
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