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This is the grave of Marshall Field. Field’s tombstone claims he was born in 1835, but online sources say 1834. You’d be surprised how often the dates on tombstones are inaccurate. Anyway, he was born on a farm in Conway, Massachusetts to old Puritan stock. He moved to Pittsfield when he was 17 and worked […]

On-Call Scheduling

On November 10, 2015

One of the worst things about many American employers is on-call scheduling. Mercifully, several chains have backed away from it under pressure over the increased exploitation of department store work

K-Mart is forcing its employees to work on Thanksgiving or be fired: Jillian Fisher, who started a petition on Coworker.org asking Kmart to give her mother and other employees the flexibility to take the holiday off, surveyed 56 self-identified employees from more than 13 states. Of those, just three said they had the option to […]

Small Victories

On June 12, 2014

This is sort of a big deal: Target is introducing a potentially precedent-setting policy imposing new rules on companies it hires to clean its stores in the Twin Cities, the retail giant’s hometown.

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