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I’ve said this before, but there is sense of grim comeuppance to Europeans who used to ask “What’s wrong with America?” because of their great health care and welfare state. But all that was predicated on a homogeneous population, one achieved in Europe during and after World War II through widespread ethnic cleansing, including the […]

Fast Food Wages

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On October 27, 2014
Why it’s almost as if fast food companies are lying when they say they have to keep wages low in order to survive! On a recent afternoon, Hampus Elofsson ended his 40-hour workweek at a Burger King and prepared for a movie and beer with friends. He had paid his rent and all his bills, […]


On September 21, 2013

For your Saturday night, Louis Armstrong in Copenhagen, either 1933 or 1934 (sources use different dates). This has to be one of the first recordings of live music on film. Sound is pretty good too.

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